Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roy Harper's Behavior Part 5

Red Hood and Arsenal #9 revealed another part of Roy's life he kept from Jason. Something that makes their friendship a little more interesting when you think of it.

Roy has gone through a lot recently with the break up with Kori, finding out his hidden past and (what I assume happens after this series) relapsing. We learned that he also led the Iron Rule which ended badly. The other members died at Roys' hand after they went rogue. This took place prior to RHATO #1 VOL.1 when Jason wasn't following up on Roys' history. We do know the two met before Roy became a solider of fortune with Jason telling him that if he became one he was on his own. But he made his own team in between the two meetings.

Despite the team ending horribly and hearing bad things about Red Hood Roy is very interested in getting to know Jason. Sure part of it might have to do with Jason going out of his way to save him but I think a lot of it has to do with Roy thinking/knowing there was more to him. Something about Jason that was vastly different than the Iron Rule but let's go over what Roy learns within the first issue.
  • Despite saying he won't help Roy in the future Jason saved him when no one else would.
  • Roy doesn't know what relationship Jason and Kori have but Red Hood worked with someone else. Someone Roy already trusted. That means Jason isn't a total loner after all.
  • While Roy doesn't get everything answered his expectations of Jason are wrong again when he's allowed to hang out with them and the safe house is actually nice. He assumed Red Hood had a rundown lair in Gotham.
Keep in mind he still thinks many of the things he heard about Red Hood are true for the first arc yet he still isn't scared off. In fact Roy seems more fascinated with Jason than Kori, granted he actually knew Kori far better since they had a longer history. This might also have to do with them meeting before the first issue as Red Hood and Arsenal (which we still haven't seen.) Then their meeting when Jason was Robin. Jason saved Roy when he was Robin and offered him friendship when no one else was willing to help him. No matter what may be said about Red Hood's reputation he once was there for him and that's not something he'd forget.

Roy's leadership becomes more notable because of his role with the Iron Rule. When the Teen Titans were in trouble he led them and saved everyone's lives. He got Jason to snap out of his "I don't care since I'm a loner" facade to make him realize he does hold some responsibility towards Kori for getting her involved. While he's referred to Jason as the not-leader more than once he hasn't tried to take command either. Roy doesn't want to be in a situation like he was with Ollie, he wants to be equals with Jason. He may not been seen as one by others but his partner never tries to be in charge.

The Iron Rule were greedy killers yet Roy still wants to be a hero for hire once he's own his own again. Some time has passed since he worked with the Iron Rule and he's come to know and care for Jason. This leads to him wanting them to be business partners. In some ways I think his need to prove himself became worse because Roy wanted to have his buddy by his side to balance him out. That need has made him more frantic to make his dream come true since he knows he is working with someone he trusts. Roy has seen the best of Jason which is vastly different from what he saw with the Iron Rule. Jason seriously downplayed caring about his family and tries to act like a lone wolf. Yet Jason always helps the family when they ask for assistance and shows dedication towards the All Caste.

When Roy starts the Rent-a-Bat business he objects to charging people for their help. The Iron Rule put the money/themselves first while Jason truly wants to help people. Apparently he rejected the idea before RHATO #1 VOL.1. Roy's well aware of Jason wanting to help people for the right reasons. Way back in RHATO #4 VOL 1. he realized that the former Robin isn't what most people think.

Roy Harper: Stay away from "crazy makers" or "chaos bringers." The types of people that only attract trouble. But that's where most people misunderstand Jason Todd (A.K.A. Red Hood.) His whole life is about trying to bring order...to make things right.

He saw that there was something genuine about Jason even before he really understood this. Now Roy knew right away that Jokers' Daughter was bad news and not someone he wants to work in the business he created, There's a very real threat of her making history repeat it's self yet Roy goes along with it because he knows it's important to Jason. Even so he admits to Tara Battleworth that he's worried she's going to ruin what he's trying to build with this partnership. The Iron Rule prove how far Roy has come and along with putting up with JD show how much he cares for his best friend. We'll see how these two factor effect that friendship in the last two issues of Red Hood/Arsenal.

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