Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion #3

Be honest, Guy is the star of this series. Right? Well he's certainly getting a lot of attention.


I've always liked Iolande so it's a welcome surprise to see her get more page space. Her flashback with her father is sweet and touching. More so when we see that she learned her lesson and cares for her fellow GLs.

Guy helps return Dismas, one of the giant protectors who saved him. I really like how John is able to instantly see Guys' upset and tries to find out what happened. I don't like how Kilowog attacks him. First of all it feels like too much time has passed for Kilowog to react like this, Guy and two other GLs just brought the protector back to safety. It makes it look like Kilowog was being petty as he didn't help and apparently waited until Guys' defenses were down. Not only does he punch him he puts his boot on his neck?!

Naturally John points out how the display makes them look (which relates to the lesson Iolande got in the flashback) and makes Kilowog look even worse. Guy goes off to stew leaving Kilowog to explain what happened to the others. The female protector talks to Guy about losing his friends and his stance on saving them. I really like this part as it's another solid character moment for Guy.

The two planets talk but their not on friendly terms. The universe is ending in four days so their sending out most of the GLs to find a way out. Guy stays to look for Marniel and accepts Kilowogs' request to help. Ausras the giant tells Guy the general way to search but the GLs just want to be direct. Guy and Kilowog talk about why their on this mission. Since they weren't stealthy the enemy instantly finds them. Marniel takes it personally and attacks with what appears to be the souls of her people. She easily defeats them, takes on a GL ring and leaves Guy in his underwear. Usually GLs wear street clothes when their rings are off so this was a surprise for me.

My favorite issue thus far which has great character moments for Iolande and especially Guy. I wasn't too fond of Kilowog just deciding to beat on Guy in front of everyone.

Questions Raised?: The king tells Iolande that she may rule the planet one day. While the whole point is to teach her how to rule isn't he forgetting something? I think she had three older brothers who were ahead of her.

I can't remember Kilowogs' official title although I know he trained recruits nor do I know what the ranking between Guy and him is. Does Guy still have his honor guard title in the relaunch?

Was the female protector seriously suggesting Guy destroy Marniel when last issue they said such an action would lead to war on the planet? Just curious about her motives here.

Did anyone research the previous Green Lanterns Lost Army before this book was written? First Guy changes stances then his ring is taken away. Did everyone forget he had two rings? If it comes up next issue great if not what was the point of the rings?

Will Guy being running around in his underwear or will he conveniently find clothes between issues? It's a matter of consistency people.

Say What?: I just really love Guy being called "little warrior."


  1. Of course Guy is the star! He always has the best dialogue and the most... charm.

    I do occasionally wonder if writers ever read the back issues of their own books. Islander did indeed have older brothers, one of whom w's so obsessed with the Green Lanterns that he was murdering potential candidates in th hope of being chosen!

    What upsets me, is that Guy and Kilowog have been very good friends for a very very long time. Kilowog is being portrayed as a jerk, and it is really annoying. He is probably one of the more easy going Lanterns... at least when he isn't in the middle of a training session.

    We are probably lucky that Guy was wearing anything!

  2. Guy was more charming in this issue than last, I just expected this series to focus more on John like the last did.

    I liked that story so that's why I remembered. I wasn't sure if it was three brothers or four. She gets the ring right before her last brother is killed for his crimes.

    He is, I mean I can understand Kilowog taking this seriously because of his own people dying. But you'd think at the very least he'd understand Guy's feelings and be just as upset at the loss of their friends. Instead he's upset about being the superior officer that was disrespected?

    Yeah I always thought Kilowog was one of the nicer GLs when he wasn't training others. He was tough then because he wanted the rookies to survive and took it hard when many of them died.

    Who knows you might have some shots this month for GL butts. ;)

  3. It is even stranger that Kilobit is basically ignoring the deaths of two Lanterns when you consider that he always had a bit of a crush on Arisia for heaven's sake!

    And butt shots are always appreciated.

  4. Yep, that whole thing feels off.

    True, although his friends might make him some pants. I just can't imagine them letting Guy spend the rest of the mini in underwear.