Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The "Villain" take of the Dark Trinity

Summed up here.


In Red Hood & The Outlaws, Jason Todd has recruited “half-baked Superman clone” Bizarro and Artemis, whom returning series writer Scott Lobdell describes as “a fallen Amazon.” This makes a unique off-kilter version of DC’s Trinity, with a Bat-character, a Superman-related character, and a Amazonian like Wonder Woman.

Todd’s goal is to use his Red Hood identity to infiltrate the Gotham underworld and take down the various villains from the inside.

Not much to go over but I'm not going to lie, I wasn't happy with the Villain tag. Jason Todd isn't a villain and DC couldn't even pull that off right before. The whole reason Jason has a series is because people wrote in to demand one with him being an anti-hero. Didio claimed it was the most requests they got for a series. Now there are a number of ways this could go down. The only one that works for me is JD screwing over the guys helping her and Red Hood getting the blame. This has already been strongly hinted at in Red Hood/Arsenal. Jason was the one being promoted (thanks to Roys' ads) while Roy wasn't really acknowledged by anyone. With the bad image he separates from Roy to keep him from being tainted by the bad reputation and decides to use it to his advantage when hunting criminals. If not then I can't see the concept working without retconning all Jasons' development.

Jason is also wearing what appears to be the same costume with minor adjustments. I can't seen Jason still wearing s bat symbol if he went bad without a showdown with the family.

Bizarro is a Superman clone? So this is the Forever Evil type of Bizarro? Didn't Luthor say it would take five years to make another one?

I don't know what to make of the "fallen Amazon" description since Amazons aren't too well defined at present. A lot of it isn't pleasant so it's hard to imagine Artemis being worse then the ones that sexed up men, murdered them after the deed, got rid of male babies and killed them when Diana tried to share the island with them. Her design does look a little too 90's with the head wear.


  1. According to the info included in the DC previews catalog (the physical one), the won't ignore all the development.

    The entry in Jason's timeline before the stuff about the dark trinity talks about his problems with Bruce and says "They worked it out, but it was pretty touch and go for a while,"

    There's also this small interview with Lobdell where I don't get the vibe he's retconning stuff either.


  2. You never know with comic book companies. Granted Marvel has done this enough to get me disinterested in most of their books. (Stars Wars is different and they rarely use the characters I still like in superhero comics.)

    I might flip through it if I see it.

    I listened to it and wrote out what I could hear on another entry. Good stuff.