Friday, May 6, 2016 the EXTREME!

Semi-Short Review no spoilers

I read Artemis Requiem #2 and yeah, I see why this series isn't thought so highly of. It's VERY 90s. There are guys wearing Liefield like costumes with names like Sureshot. Many, many thong butt shots and rushed plots that make no sense when you try to figure them out.

Maybe some things will be explained later on but it looks unlikely that the reasons will be satisfactory. The intention of this series feels obvious, the creators wanted to give Artemis her own niche to differ her from Wonder Woman and the Wonder Girls. Which is fine but everything is crammed in. There's hardly time to take anything in or allow anything to have weight. They just want to get to the ideas that might create a new series without really earning it.

I'm still having trouble seeing the same Artemis that became Wonder Woman as this character since she changed off panel. She doesn't even seem fazed by anything around her except for Diana. Like her situation isn't just a tad strange to her. I did consider getting Extreme Justice since I heard parts are so bad their hilarious but that might be too 90s for me. I'm not sure if I'll review the rest of this series but I will be getting more Artemis issues at some point. I got this series because I heard it mentioned her past. It did in passing and it looks unlikely that it will focus on anything beyond this headache of a plot. Gah!


  1. The art in Extreme Justice will pretty much make your eyes start to bleed.

  2. I have literally heard that mentioned before word for word.