Saturday, May 7, 2016

Too many Heroes in Gotham

With the back to basics feel DC wants to envoke with Rebirth it means many are headed back to Gotham. Doesn't that make it feel a little crowded?

Nightwing- Returning from being a spy to his Nightwing identity although Dick has the Titans, meaning he has an excuse to leave.

Batgirl- I think the Burnside story will wrap up bringing her back to Gotham. Working with BOP, which means at least two other heroes: Black Canary and Huntress.

Robin- Damian actually sounds like the one spending less time in the city and with the family. He'll be doing team ups in Super Sons and Teen Titans.

Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan (Cass), Azrael and Batwoman- All will be in Detective Comics, some will be in Bruces' training camp. I'm not sure about Azrael staying I just saw him in the art. No idea where Bette Kane/Flamebird/Hawkfire is but she did work with Kate in the past.

Red Hood- Working undercover to take down the underworld of Gotham with Artemis and Bizarro (neither will be close to him at the start so I doubt they know what he's doing.) This job seems to require him to stay in Gotham but at least he's doing something different than the rest.

Duke Thomas- Is doing something with Batman in Batman All Star.

Batwing- No idea but Luke Fox and his family were in Gotham last I heard.

We Are Robin- Hundreds of kids Alfred brought together. I believe the series is cancelled and I haven't heard what's going to happen with this idea.

Batman- Naturally although he leaves the city a lot for team ups.


  1. I'm very, very bothered by the way editorial is basically shutting Damian down from interacting with Bruce. Damian is an entertaing character but his true worth is on the many different possibilities he opens interacting with Bruce. It makes feel pointless his resurrection.

    It doesn't help that Duke is being handled poorly and just like Harper before him, it feels like they're pushing him into a role he hasn't earned nor deserves yet.

    Batgirl at least will be globetrotting on her own book, Seeleys said Dick will be dealing with Parliament of Owls so I gues he will also globetrotting.

    Detective is the book with the biggest cast and everything sounds like Eternal take three so yeah, I'm skipping that on entirely.

    Curious about Jason, I doubt he will remain in Gotham long but we'll see.

  2. I get the impression writers don't want to use Damian with Bruce. I agree. Why bring him back if Bruce just neglects him and gets new sidekicks? DC should focus on the kids Bruce already has and his relationships with them.

    Yeah, I'm not seeking out anything with either of them.

    I think my interest with the Owls has died because of Robin War. Good to hear their not just hanging out in Gotham to wait for some crime Bruce isn't handling.

    I have no desire to read anything like Eternal. I'm just sorry Tim, Steph, Cass and Kate are stuck in this.

    Solicits (which aren't always 100%) say Jason is going deep undercover which usually last for awhile. If the Owls have branches elsewhere I think Gothams' underworld has other connections. I'm really hoping for an adventure with Amazons, Greek gods, mythical creatures, etc.