Saturday, May 28, 2016

More Rebirth Costumes

This time it's Bumblebee, Red Robin, a new Superman, Batman Beyond, Bizarro and Artemis. I'm only going to talk about the Outlaws. I mentioned Tim elsewhere and I have nothing really to say about the others.

Bizarro is noted as being more gorilla like and I wonder if he was taken out of the cloning tanks earlier. I'd assume so since Forever Evil said it would be five years until another Bizarro. His costume looks like its modeled after pre-52 Superman. Maybe Lex cloned from him instead? The costume looks like PJs and I like that take for him.

Artemis, I adore her costume and all the details that went into it. Her previous uniforms were okay but I never thought they were notable. There's A LOT of Wonder Woman reflected in this design. The headgear is a nod to the green costume but it also connects to her time as WW when she wore the tiara. Notice the star? It's black instead of red while the head gear is mostly red with gold trimming. The boots definitely scream WW even though the style is different. Who doesn't see the red with the white strip and think that?

I like that the arrow is different than the ones we usually see on armor/costumes. The outline around it looks like an upside down "W." Like she's the Bizarro WW but it makes sense as she was created to be Dianas' rival/ally. Their different sides of the same coin, they both are named after a different version the same goddess. I was thrown by the fact Artemis is not just carrying a sword she has an axe AND a lasso ! The sword isn't a big change as all Amazons pretty much carry one at some point. The axe was a surprise because much like her namesake Artemis is known for shooting arrows. I think Lobdell might want to stay away from the archery for awhile since Roy is leaving. Which is probably a good idea for the book and her character. The thing that shocks me the most is the lasso. While it's just rope I love the callback and it makes that connection feel more more apparent.

The black addition in the bodysuit keeps it from looking too Amazon-like and feels more modern. It makes sense too since I believe she's supposed to be an exile. I'm curious what she got exiled for and Lobdell needs to trend carefully no matter where the Amazon canon ends up. (I have to reread Demon Knight because I'm drawing a blank on what Ex was exiled for.) I'm also glad to see an Artemis uniform that doesn't have her in a permanent wedgie. Jason and her both have shin guards, she has practical boots and her arms are wrapped up for a fight. I couldn't see the whole thing before but now that I have I love this look. She looks like she can kick someone's ass.

The ponytail could still hinder her (it goes to her knees) but given how long it used to be it's a vast improvement. It used to trail past her feet and tangle around her when she moved yet didn't trip her. Somehow. But it's part of her iconic look.

Wonderful design work on all the Outlaws and it's obvious a lot of thought went into them especially Artemis. I can't help feeling excited.

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