Thursday, May 5, 2016

Short Review: Artemis Requiem #1

According to the letter column Artemis was popular enough that they decided to do a mini series. I'm guessing this series wasn't loved because I don't recall her getting any starring roles afterward. 


For anyone that doesn't know Artemis' stint as Wonder Woman ended with her death and Diana has been having nightmares/visions of her suffering in the afterlife. Some people watch Diana and know she hasn't been sleeping well. They want to stop Diana from contacting the spirit world. Who are they, how do they know all this and why? Never mentioned again on this issue. Their mainly here to let us know Diana is going to the afterlife in her body then introduce the audience to the dangers she faces. Diana fights a demon general only to be saved by Artemis. 

It seems Diana didn't have to worry as Artemis is doing fine. She's married to a demon prince (no idea why) and has the finer things of life she always wanted. The demon Diana fought is being tortured outside the palace, something Diane can't allow. Soon she's overwhelmed and being punished instead. Artemis saves her, takes them up the mountain and claws out of her own grave. 

Overall: Well it was entertaining not as bad as I was expecting. (Though there's still 5 issues to go to see if the rumors are true.) Mostly because of the WTF moments. There are a lot of questions that come to mind with just the first issue. Much like the introduction arc of Artemis there's A LOT of cheesecake shots including a nude Artemis. The barely hanging ripped clothes that is typical 90s Art is also present.

Artemis' personality is different as well as she's less stiff and harsh. Diana does see a change in her noting Artemis seems more at home. Our lead is more sexual here too, I know most will think I mean by her clothes or lack of. I don't, I mean she talks about her demon husband in a suggestive way and it seems to imply that she has extra lovers with the people in the baths. I kind of saw her as more business like before and have yet to see how she saw men prior in other books. At the moment it feels a little jarring.

I liked the touch of Diana trusting Artemis to save her and their more friendly interaction. I got these books because I heard more was revealed about her but the only backstory of her childhood so far is in a bit of text. She grew up poor, often starving and without clothes. I'm not sure I get the vibe for this series yet. 

Questions Raised?: What was up with Diana's vision? It wasn't even true.

Why is she okay with being married to a demon and referring to herself as his slave in his presence? 

Artemis can just claw her way out of her grave and she's suddenly alive with her body? In her underworld clothes?

Why does she have a cross on her tombstone? Shouldn't she have been given some different custom?

Why is Artemis in Hades? Even Diana raises this question. 

Why is it "Hades"?  Hades is a god, the underworld is Tartarus, right? Don't her people worship different gods?

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