Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spider Woman's Baby?

I don't read the title but I was a little interested since another series addressed this and I wanted to see if the baby was the same kid.


It appears to be...sorta. Recently a few things from Spider-Girl/MC2 have appeared elsewhere. Cassie Lang wearing the Stinger costume. Hope Pym being in the Ant Man movie and another comic version (with a different mother and version of the same name) appearing in the main comics. Now Gerry Drew has appeared, kinda.

Gerry is Jessica's son that in MC2 was dying because of his mom's radioactive blood before she tried to save him. I adored Gerry in the Spider-Girl series, granted he had darker hair not blond. I'm guessing the blond hair of the main Marvel version is supposed to be from Jessica since that's her natural hair color. I don't think they ever stated who the father was of the MC2 version just that he abandoned his son when he got sick and blamed Jessica. I want to say they mentioned him being a SHIELD agent but it's been awhile. He did have dark hair though.

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