Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I hope these are addressed

Some things that occurred to me that I'd like to see in RHATO.

Keeping Secret Identities Secret. I've mentioned this quite a bit in my reviews but it bothers me how causal Jason has been about revealing his real name and showing his face. It's already been shown that--at least in Gotham--he's recognized. DC only seemed to realize this could be a problem when they had the art changed during the DOTF tie in to have a previously maskless Jason wear a domino mask. Everyone in Gotham should know who Jason Todd is and how he's connected to Bruce Wayne. Plus the fact he died. Not that much time has passed.

Red Hoods' past (UTH) and Rent-A-Bat. I suspect Lobdell will mention both as he's the only writer to prove he's read UTH since the relaunch started and built up the latter. This makes him seem far more likely to successfully infiltrate the underworld than any other bat as these stories seperate him from the others. To an outsider it'd look like he's only in it for himself and makes it easier to shrug off his work relationship with the bats.

The Way of the Warrior. I feel like it's likely that the All Caste will be mentioned I'm just not sure how much (if at all) it will connect to Artemis coming from warriors like the Amazons. I'd like to see the Amazons have some past with Ducra. I could see Artemis not taking any the gimmicky super villains or even the heroes seriously because of their style of combat. Not all forms are close combat after all. Maybe she thinks Jason isn't much better because of the guns, at least until she saw he could actually fight hand to hand.

Running into the Ex and an Old Friend. Remember who else lives in Gotham? Jasons' ex Isabel and his friend Gabby. That could make for some awkwardness as he tries to stick to his undercover mission.

Bizzaro Equals More Open Jason ? Lobdell already said Jason would go soft around Bizarro but it's fascinating to think what that entails. At first I thought it would be amusing if Jason is back to his default defensive mode of sarcasm which Bizzaro takes for honesty. Which would be a twist on the Bizzaro talk or at least the reason for it. Anyway if he's gentler with Bizzaro this does bring back more of his nurturing side. The kid that used to take care of his mom and instantly empathized with victims. If Bizzaro is more child like (depending on what the take is) Jasons' defenses could be down in a way not even Roy could achieve.

Past with Black Mask. It's odd that this take of Black Mask is being used. Since the duffel bag was mentioned in Red Hood/Arsenal I think their run in UTH is still canon. Granted much of the extra bits aren't but that part is important. Black Mask was in charge of Gotham before Jason got in his way and made a fool out of him. That means BM isn't going to be thrilled to see Red Hood again and might have more extreme measures against him.

Underpowered but Still not Normal. Artemis and Bizarro both are going to be more super than him. Do they think this means he's the "fragile" one? Jason has also alluded to not feeling like he's a normal person or even knowing how to have a normal life. Will this affect him any worse now that he's isolated from the family?

The "Dark Trinity" Bond ? An interview revealed that Artemis thinks Bizarro is an abomination which makes Jason more sympathetic towards him. What will Bizarro think of her ? What does Artemis think of Jason? What does Jason think of her? I'd guess that his defenses will be up and he doesn't want her to know he died much less his connection to the bats.

Tim Still Believes in Jason. Okay I don't know what is going on with this undercover mission. If Jason is doing it himself, because Bruce asked or if the family knows. If it's one of the first two then I want Tim to suspect something. They built up their bond and it'd be a shame to mess it up.


  1. Going by the solicits, I guess Lobdell will use Rebirth to wipe away most of Jason's public profile with maybe only Bruce being aware of what he's doing. By the same token since Lobdell has speaked of this new Outlaws as not being friends at first I doubt they will know Jason's identity from the get go.

    Sadly, I'm almost sure Rent A Bat will be wiped out from continuity. The Rebirth preview opens with Jason's origin so I'm guessing well get some condensed version of UTRH as well.

    A connection between Amazons and the All-Caste would be interesting but I'm thinking it will be very difficult to happen given Rucka's actual tendency of "WW is my toybox and only what I write is canon"... Or at least that is how he comes off when talking about the book, so yeah.

    I would love to see Isabel and Gabby again but their characters seem to be at odds with the direction Lobdell is taking Jason, but who knows, he might give us the surprise.

    Didn't Lobdell say that Jason kind of sees him reflected on Bizarro? I guess theird dynamic would be somewhat similar at how Jason was treating Duela at first.

    Yeah, I'm hoping that picking Black Mask as the opening villian is related to UtRH, otherwise it would be a huge missed oportunity.

    It depends on how Artemis is handled but I'd think she and Jason would be more or less equal in combat.

    You know what would be interesting? If eventually their dynamic were that of a family, with Jason and Artemis as the parents and Bizarro as their kid.

    That one is an excellent question but since Tim is with Tynion now, I'm not having high hopes for it.

  2. I'm guessing DC Universe Rebirth #1 will wipe away and/or expand a lot. I'd be thrilled to see that Jason's ID isn't known to many. Well Suzie Su knew his name so there's always a chance someone else would know too. I don't think Artemis or Bizarro will care who he really is when they meet.

    I'd rather have Eternal wiped out of canon.

    I haven't read Rucka's interviews but Lobdell should at least be using some of the Amazon canon. Ducra is immortal so I like to think she'd at least meet other immortals like Queen Hippolyta. New Amazons might not have met her but I think it wouldn't be a stretch to have them know of her/the All Caste. If the Bana-Mighdall (exile Amazons) story exists they could have even met her without much conflict.

    I could see them meeting and it might play into Jason's desire to be normal. I don't see it as impossible per se but DC does tend to screw Lobdell over when he tries to give Jason a life outside his work.

    He said Jason would see Bizarro as a kindred spirit as he sees himself as an abomination too. I don't know, JD intentions were something Jason was always wary of. Bizarro is usually more child-like and usually gets in trouble because he doesn't understand. Jason wouldn't have to worry about being played and likely see Bizarro as an innocent.

    Didn't someone write Black Mask having mental powers in early new 52? I'm hoping that's not used. But the set up is too perfect to ignore UTH. If it's not mentioned it'll be disappointing.

    I don't mean who's a better fighter. Lobdell said they were more of the super-like while Jason was the "normal" one. He might give Artemis powers. I think she had some previously in her mini, etc. It'd make sense if Artemis did since she's the Wonder and Hippolyta, Diana, Donna and Cassie all have powers at some point.

    I instantly think of Bizarro as a kid that needs to be protected. Artemis might be more of an estranged aunt that doesn't know how to deal with him. I see her as the one that tries to restrain him while Jason tries to talk him down.

    Neither do I. The thought of Tynion trying to write these characters isn't positive.