Friday, May 27, 2016

Explaining the Captain America Controversy to my Mom

She heard there was something going on but didn't know the details until I told her.


Me: There's a controversy over Captain America being part of Hyrda in the comics.
My mom: Is it because of Bucky? (She saw the first two movies and knows Hyrda had him.)
Me: No. They changed his history to have his mother and him taken to a Hyrda meeting when he was a child. They made him a sleeper agent.
My mom: (In exasperated disbelief but needing clarification.) Captain America?
Me: Yeah, they had him kick an ally out of a plane and say hail Hydra.
My mom: (Realizing why people are upset but not believing it.) Captain America ?!

She usually shrugs at most comic news so I love how she gave a WTF reaction to this. And how she isnatantly assumed there was a logical explanation that had to do with him protecting Bucky.


  1. I think that your mom has exactly the right idea. Remember Capwolf? Hopefully Hydra Cap will also become nothing more than a punchline.

  2. I think it will get pushed back at some point and no one will want to talk about it.