Friday, May 20, 2016

Preview DC Universe Rebirth #1

Found here. I've been staying away from previews for awhile but this issue has 70 pages or so.


  • Is that seriously Damian with a birthday cake for his thirteen birthday?! Why does time keep going back and forth on how much time had passed? I thought DC was seriously obsessed with keeping their young! So three years have passed even though another book says five even though most books act like only a few months have passed?  So he's celebrating alone? But smirking?
  • Jessica doesn't want to work with Simon, is worried about being a new GL and wants to know who Sinestro is.
  • Jackson, who seems to be the Aqualad Johns developed for Brightest Day before the relaunch. He has a boyfriend which I think is new. I thought Johns was hinting at something with him and the second Aquagirl so I'm not sure if he's bi, etc.
  • I'm getting the impression all the series will get teased as we get a glimpse of Green Arrow and Black Canary and are told something is missing in their lives. The two will meet up in GA with Dinah telling him off.
  • New 52 Superman is reported as dead although this was already guessed with solicits and could still be a mislead. Lois and Clark (from pre-Flashpoint) question if the new Superman will come back like the old one did. I'm not sure what questions Lois doesn't want to answer that their son keeps asking. In their book Jon has already learned his parents are keeping secrets from him. Since Jon already proved he has powers it's kind of moot to hide things from him.
  • Ten years are said to be stolen. So does that mean everyone forgot things?
  • Arthur proposes to Mera. It's not said when this happened.
  • Wally West--as in the red headed Kid Flash version--is the narrator that knows things changed with Flashpoint. Barry isn't aware of the changes but asks if it's his fault. Wally says no, it was someone else.


  1. Say, did Dinah and Ollie ever actually get a divorce? Will that be back on continuity? I remember her flinging her ring at him in a snit, but I have always assumed an actual decree of omen kind was needed.

    I am... cautiously optimistic I suppose. DC can't possibly be much worse þhan they are now anyway.

  2. I don't know if DC wants that back. They made a big deal about saying Dinah and Ollie will be getting to know each other. I don't remember them ever getting divorced.

    Their making a big deal over it being shocking. I'm curious what Johns will do since he's the Rebirth guy.