Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's the deal with Joker?


If you read the issue you know what I'm talking about. If not now's a good time to back out.

Good? Alright then.

When Batman had all this knowledge in Justice League he searched for the Jokers' ID. We learn in DUR that there are actually THREE Jokers. Much like there are usually three in a deck.

It seems to imply the three Jokers are:
  1. Golden Age Joker
  2. Killing Joke Joker (Maybe the same as Death in the Family)
  3. New 52 Joker

The only real Con to this is that making three Jokers lessens the idea of the villain being an individual/an arch-enemy to Batman.

The Pros, in my opinion, out weigh the Cons. It fits for the character as it's a joke and it works with the "multiple choice" past. This reveal makes sense since it explains different versions and why he recovers from things so fast. Even if you got rid of the tie ins for DOTF it makes no sense for Joker to personally take out five bat kids in a limited amount of time. Not unless there was more than one Joker. This also makes something else possible: killing Joker. Or at least one of them. If all three are unleashed at once...can you imagine the chaos? Have Jason kill one and the storylines could be epic. There'd even be a part of him wondering if he took out the one that killed him.

Questions Raised?: Are the Jokers working together? It seems weird that they'd all be doing their own thing and never get caught if they weren't.

Do they all look the same? The art implies they don't but wouldn't Batman figure that out before?

Do they all know the bat family IDs or just new 52 Joker?

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