Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Captain America Civil War

I saw the movie so these are some of my thoughts on the characters.


I was worried that having all these characters around would be too much. I'm pleased to say everyone had their moments even if some characters had more than others. Those that are friends feel like actual friends even against those their fighting. No one wants to seriously hurt anyone (with a couple of exceptions.) Amazing fights, lost of growth and emotion.

Vision- Learning to be more human like than he thinks is possible. The little touches were appreciated like his clothing, trying to cook and understand personal boundaries (i.e. when/how he should enter a room.) His growing affections for Wanda and need to protect her highlights his growth from machine to man. (So to speak.) Much like Tony he doesn't see the problem with keeping her locked away for "her own good" if she's cared for and fears what will happen if she left. Her very presence distracts Vision at a critical moment. Much like the Mind gem he doesn't understand his feelings for Wanda and makes human like mistakes because of it. I'm not sure why he wasn't at the opening scene fight.

Hawkeye- It's not mentioned but Hawkeye suffered much like Bucky and Nat when he was mind controlled by Loki. Clint keeps the role of the recruiter that sees the best of people. He helps breaks Wanda out and seems to still have that bond from AOU to get her to snap out of self pity. Clint brings in Scott Lang then later comes up with the ant/arrow plan. Even his friendship with Nat is given a nod. He joins Cap even though he retired and Tony actually gets upset with him for doing this since Clint has a family. Clints' the angriest of the imprisoned Team Cap when Tony shows up and I loved their exchange.

Scarlet Witch- Wanda is a little overconfident at the start when she mentions her powers before the accident. I can't blame her for what happened because she acted on instinct doing the same trick she previously did with the gas. There wasn't much time to think and I liked how the movie portrayed her. When Vision says everyone likes her (media not included) you believe it because of the interactions. Steve even considered signing up to help Bucky until he heard she was locked up. You can see their bond with how protective he is and how well the team worked together. Her smile when Scott says she's great too was a nice touch showing that not everyone blames her. Wanda was powerful and very useful throughout the movie. It was also a nice touch to see her become the example of fear the public sees in the Avengers since she unlocked their fears in AOU.

Black Widow- I worried that Nat's friendship with Steve wouldn't be touched upon since the last movie built it up. Throughout this she tries to warn Steve, is there for him when Peggy dies and ultimately makes herself a fugitive by stopping Black Panther. I do wonder at a line she had while fighting Bucky when she asks if he remembers her. Remember what, fighting her from before? Are they hinting at a deeper connection like the comics?

Ant Man- Much like Spider-Man Scott was a new recruit that was a great addition to the airport fight. I love that Scott mentions Hank Pyms' dislike of the Starks when Tony enters. Then the mention of Sam previously fighting him (which Sam makes sound like a try out before telling him it's not happening again.) Scott was a lot of fun and a huge asset to the battle. I loved Team Iron Man reacting to both his sudden appearance and his turn into Giant Man. He might be in trouble if the government uses the Ant Man tech after he's captured and this makes it harder for him to see Cassie.

War Machine- Rhodey had a few good scenes, I liked when he argued with Sam and Steve over them signing up. His friendship with Tony is always great to see and really shined here. Everyone knew something was going to happen with him thanks to the trailers just not how. No one--including the other side--wanted him to get hurt. I'm glad the Stan Lee cameo brightened his day.

Spider-Man- An actual Peter when he's a kid! He was adorable and seemed to love being around everyone in the airport battle. Definitely a highlight and his bond with Tony was cute especially since in this universe Tony is around Uncle Ben's age. Few seem to know what to think of the youngest hero and I loved his interaction with Steve. You can see on Steve's face how amused and impressed he is with Peter. It's never said but I think Tony realizes he went too far by risking a kid's life when Peter is lying on the ground. The fear on his face and flat out telling Peter he's done really sells how worried he is.

Falcon-I was hoping for a bit more compassion from Sam in regards to Bucky since Sam deals with shell shocked vet often. That said his wariness makes sense he's fought a brainwashed Bucky and seen how dangerous he is. Their interaction in the car and during the Spider-Man fight was very entertaining and makes me want to see more of them. Another strong moment was when Rhodey is shot and instead using it to get away he tries to save him. When everyone else snaps at Tony the first thing Sam wants to know is how Rhodey is. Remember last movie he revealed how he lost his partner in a flight.

Iron Man- Tony had been through a lot and unlike the comic version I can totally sympathize with him during Civil War. Pepper left, he's suffering from the stuff from the past movies, his guilt, his desire to keep the Avengers together and the freaking ending. I can honestly say the final battle was scary intense in a way not even Captain America Winter Soldier was. Because Steve wanted to help Bucky while Tony is trying to murder him. At one point Tony stops trying to knock Steve to the side and kill him too to get him out of the way. It's brutal.

Captain America- Steve's also going through a lot with the loss of Peggy and the weigh he bears throughout these movies. I can't say I blame him as much as some do for not telling Tony Hydra killed his parents. Not doing so is understandable. As much as I like Steve's relationship with Bucky I felt like they didn't have enough bonding since they were pressed for time. Steve's total commitment to protecting him is extremely key to the character and movie. The "I could do this all day" line really hits you when you realize this time the situations are reversed and he's Bucky's protector now. I don't buy the belief some have that Steve threw the other Avengers under the bus for his friend. He was going to sign to protect Bucky before he heard about Wanda. Leaving the others at the airport wasn't his idea and the reason for it was to stop a threat not saving his pal. Besides Steve gets them at the end.

Zemo- The guy really doesn't have much of a presence and could be anyone in this role. Which seems odd as he's the only one to succeed at hurting the Avengers and manages to live at the end.

Sharon Carter- Far too many people give the character crap for not being Peggy. If her character wasn't around then Peggy wouldn't have been invented in the first place. I didn't mind her brief romance with Steve (which provided the great reaction shot of Sam/Bucky) there just wasn't much of it. She's still awesome in the scenes she's in.

Winter Soldier- Bucky goes through so much crap in this movie. He's a victim uses as a means to bring down the Avengers and only his friendship with Steve offers any support throughout most of the movie. He doesn't want to kill anyone yet he finds himself unable to control his actions when he's triggered. After all he's done he doesn't know if he's worthy the trouble and there's so much guilt over what he was forced to do.

Black Panther- T'Challa was awesome in this from his moments with his dad, his fighting and his character development. I was worried he'd be more of a superhero than King and I'm pleased to say comes off wonderfully. Seeing how the Avengers suffer through Zemo and their desire for revenge he has a great moment when he spares Zemo. He's more upset that he almost killed an innocent man (Bucky) than the fact Zemo was responsible for his father's death. At the end T'Challa decides to redeem himself by helping Bucky and being willing to take on anyone that would threaten him finally seeing Bucky as much a victim as his father.


  1. I am glad that the movie is doing well... and plan to see it this weekend. Although since I have been checking out all the teasers, I have a decent idea. But oh, it does sound fabulous.

  2. I think I need to see it again because there is a lot to take in but I enjoyed it.