Thursday, May 26, 2016

Short Review: Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion #5

One more issue to go after this then most of these guys go to Hals' new series.


I thought Guys' older brother was supposed to be the abusive one in the relaunch but his dad beats him up in a flashback. His mom asks him why he annoys his father if he knows it will make things worse. Guys' answer plus her refusal to take the kids and go made me realize something. I have three characters that I love that have crappy dads, moms that they do their best to protect and they just break my heart. (*1) Xrill the empath has brought Guy back and he wants his ring just so he's dressed again. I like that Simon tells him not to beat himself up because I was expecting more crap after the previous Guy abuse. Kilowog knows Guy will pull himself out of his guilt soon and I was amused to see it happen almost instantly.

I know the mind control is serious but there's something undeniably cute about the picture Guy paints of himself learning to bake. I'm imagining flour everywhere, a whole lot of cursing and something burning. The Giants discuss battle strategy since there are only four GLs (their not counting Guy) vs. their ten. John reasons that with Kilowog being the one who trained them their odds aren't that good since he knows all their weaknesses.

Guy arrives pretending he's still on their side saying he escaped, the others have no plan as their acting on anger and asks to see the Giants. His signal alerts the four GLs that it's time to act. Iolande arrives demanding answers for why their fighting. Guy was just distracting the protectors to give Xrill the chance to cure Mogo of their influence. Figuring the ruse isn't needed anymore they reveal their true forms.

I really enjoyed this issue, it had good character moments like Guys' distracting being used again and Iolande arriving to prevent anymore GL fighting. There wasn't any out of character jackass moments from Kilowog or anyone else. The humor was more lighthearted and the planning was brilliantly done. Both sides thought things through, I especially love how John instantly took Kilowog into account for being a threat. It's the little acknowledgements that I adore.

Why can't we have another GL series centered around Guy again?

*1 There might be more than three but the ones that came to mind were Guy, Booster Gold and Jason Todd. Boosters' dad was eventually revealed to be abusive towards his mom (unknown if he was with the twins) but Booster was better off than the others because Jon left early on. Part of the reason for the scandal was to help his mother who needs an operation. Willis Todd was recently confirmed to beat Catherine when she bought cigarettes and it was implied he might of hit Jason. Despite that Jason took care of his dad when he was drunk and his mom who was an addict. Neither could really take care of themselves much less him. This is even more amazing because Willis apparently threatened to kill them when he was drunk.


  1. They are still messing around with Guy's apparent family. It originally was Roland, who adored his older brother Mace and drank and beat up little Guy on a regular basis, while his mom Peggy basically ignored the abuse.

    Then in the new 52, they made his father a retired cop instead of a dock worker, got rid of Mace and gave him an older brother and a younger sister who were also cops... but he and his dad still didn't get along. Oh, and killed off his mother. Now... who the heck knows?

    But yes, it was a good issue.

  2. I did wonder how much they would mess around with character history once Rebirth started. I do like the idea of Guy having a younger sister. From what I've seen she's protective of him too, which I love.