Saturday, May 7, 2016

Amazons of Bana-Mighdall

For a detailed explanation of how Artemis' Amazons differed from Dianas' go here.

Although this might no longer be the case anyone.

Now I'm not sure how or if this is going to work with the current canon. Antiope isn't sisters with Hipployta in the relaunch but her mother who was poisoned. So the Bana-Mighdall might not technically exist since the Amazons might not have split apart. The new Amazon lore has them breeding with men, usually kill them off after the deed is done and getting rid of the baby boys by trading them off for weapons. Unless Rebirth changes this (which could happen since it was an unpopular addition) it might just seamline Artemis' origin as Smallville has.

Instead of Artemis starting off mad that her people weren't treated right it could be for kicking her out, which solicits seem to hint. Demon Knights already gave us one exiled Amazon with Ex although I can't recall what she was being punished for.

For some reason Wonder Woman was missing a few well know Amazons in her book although the "new" ones still seem to be based on them. Artemis has a double that has her style and rivalry with Diana. I'm not sure why she couldn't be used although I'm kinda glad as that version in the WW was basically a bully. While Artemis can be tough and harsh I don't see her as the type to name call people.

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