Thursday, May 19, 2016

What canon do you think will go?

It sounds like Rebirth will be putting back some old canon and taking away some new. I've talked a little about the things I want to go but what do I think has the best chance of being retconned?

  • The Amazons seducing men, killing them and trading the male babies. The Amazons of Paradise Island were more peaceful than the new 52 version and it seems likely that Rucka would want to bring that back. He might keep aspects of it since it could be transferred to the Bana-Mighdall. It might depend on whether or not Diana goes back to being created from clay. A lot of her new 52 story dealt with her being a Demi-God and her half siblings so changing it back pretty much gets rid of most of her new canon.
  • It depends on how much DC wants to stick to Morrisons' stories but if not for the writer I could see them very easily getting rid of the fact Damian died. It really hasn't served much purpose besides Batman and Robin trying to outdo 20 years of Post-DITF grief. No other book really made a big deal out of it anyway.

I'm less certain of the others. Anything you think will be retconned?


  1. Well if Rucka is going to be writing it, I will be reading it.

  2. I have missed his writing, I'm surprised he's not doing a Batwoman book too.