Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rebirth Figures?

I've done a couple of want lists and figured it was time to do another. I'd like to see these all be in the Icon DC Collectibles line. I'm not mentioning a few that appear on the past lists because we don't know if their appear but I'd still like to see them made.

Batwoman- Kate Kane is LOOONG overdue for another figure after the 52 version. I mentioned this one in previous posts so I won't add much else.

Batgirl/Black Bat- I don't like the Orphan ID for Cassandra nor the costume. The Icons line is making different canon versions of characters so why not do a more iconic version of Cass?

Spoiler- It's funny because I have zero interest in Detective Comics under Tynion but I love these characters.

Red Robin- I'd prefer a different costume but I'd still get the Rebirth version if it came out looking good. I still consider it a huge step back for Tim though.

Huntress- I don't know if I like this Helena yet but her outfit deserves to get a figure.

Nightwing- Really I'd get most of the bat family in Icons form. The Capullo Nightwing I have is too big and bulky anyway. ...Plus his foot isn't attached.

Superboy- Jon Kent that is. I like him in Lois and Clark and his costume is cute.

Red Hood- There are small changes from his costume in his first RHATO run but I want a good Jason Todd/Red Hood figure. With lots of accessories and a changeable unmasked head.

Artemis- If I like her in RHATO I might want a figure of her. Artemis only had three figures that I know of. Two action figures and the Tonner doll. It's time she had her chance to shine.

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