Monday, May 16, 2016

Artemis as Wonder Woman

I've skipped to the last three issues of this and I'm kind of annoyed.


I mean I expected the usual cliches with a 90s replacement hero. The title character has to be better, the newbie screws up, etc. But Artemis got a raw deal. No one really gave her a chance, the Justice League and all of Dianas' friends took out their frustrations on her for Diana not being Wonder Woman anymore. Batman refused to let her have Wonder Womans' seat. Booster and Beetle mocked her (granted they mock a lot of people.) Donna Troy pretty much introduced herself by saying she doesn't like Artemis based on the fact she replaced Diana. 

While Artemis wasn't up to par with Diana when it came to diplomatic work she tried to get better. She took the job seriously and knew that image was important. Going as far a hiring a PR team to help. I've heard people say Artemis was a moron because she was used. Her success was faked by the PR team (she didn't know), they made her think Diana was jealous of her and she got a bit full of herself. The whole plot was rushed and wasn't satisfying in the least. The real kicker is that the Queen set her up to fail from the start. 

Diana's mom got a vision that Wonder Woman was going to die soon. She gave the Bana-Mighdall the worst part of their land and saw them as the most expendable Amazons. Hippolyta intentionally riled them up because she wanted them to strive to prove themselves. All so one of them would win the contest and be killed in her daughters' place. Which means Artemis' whole time as Wonder Woman was a farce just to make her the sacrificial lamb being led to the slaughter. 

From what I've seen Artemis never really gets much attention afterward. Yes there's the mini series but that's a mess. Her only good appearances that I've heard of have her in more in a supporting role. Nothing as fleshed out as the Wonder Girls. She briefly co-leads the Amazons but Amazon Attacks wipes that out giving the power back to the woman that set her up to die. She got screwed over in the Superman/Batman series when DC reintroduced Supergirl (Kara) back into canon. First by being taken out by Batman (even though he asked the Amazons to come?) and later by Superman. Diana called BS on Superman since a.) Artemis was training Kara and b.) even if she did hit Kara the sword would shatter.

I heard about a story where Artemis fights Batman as a 14 year old, then briefly works with Ra's Al Ghul and Bizarro. I thought it was the Artemis Requiem was going to tell this story but I was mistaken. Apparently it's in a Trinity mini series.

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