Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Anyone else worried about going into Rebirth?

There are a lot of good things to get excited about. Oracle is officially back in canon (granted part of the past), we have the old Superman back with his wife and son. The Titans are more than Tims' team. But there's one series I'm worried about going into the Rebirth. I don't want a good friendship to break up just to explain why one is on a team and the other is going undercover as a villain. Maybe it won't be so bad but it's good to be prepared.

There are other stories I'm concerned about like where Booster is, where Guy Gardner is and what's going to be done with some characters I love with writers I'm not fond of. But those are concerns for when Rebirth starts. It's weird to think that at the end of the month we'll get the first glimpse of things to come. I'll be trying out some of the titles although I won't officially be reading any new ongoings until July/August.

I'm also preparing for one book why reading up on Artemis to see how she'll differ or click with her pre-Flashpoint self. Reading past comments online I've seen a little criticism that she's rarely shown much besides her warrior side. Plus her origins should be intriguing as the Bana differ from the main Amazons and who knows if Rucka will change things from the present Amazon lore.


  1. I do indeed share your trepidation. Lord knows the new new new 52hasn't been all that great, but it is mostly familiar... and I admit that too much change makes me... nervous.

  2. Some writers I'm okay with but others don't seem to understand the characters. At all. Plus the mandates usually tick me off.

  3. I'm no really worried but I don't have a lot of interest on most of the titles. I was one of the few that actually enjoyed the N52 despite its fault and I hoestly feel is a regression to go back on many aspect to the pre fP continuity.

    I'm particularly irked by pre FP Superman replacing Superbro. The characters dynamics they spend five years building up from the ground up are simply being thrown away and worse, the marketing team is using the angle that either the dynamics will go back at the way they were pre FP or Superman will simply replace SuperBro in the current dynamics. And I can't see Bruce simply accepting that one of his best friends is being replaced by a total stranger.

  4. Someone online hinted at something at the end of one of the books I'm reading that I'm more worried about than the Rebirth stuff.

    Some things are regression others just work better, IMHO. Like I never got what was the point of keeping Barbara's history in the wheelchair without Oracle. It felt like they dumbed her down to make her search for her information on Google being her greatest hacker skill. She kept saying how she was smarter than everyone else without backing it up.

    Dick hasn't felt nearly as strong since the relaunch and part of that has to do with his lack of history. The guy was supposed to be the only other person besides Superman that everyone would trust and follow. Then he hardly knew anyone.

    Personally I'd be happy just to have old Superman have his own book but I guess they think it would be too confusing? I think their addressing whether they want to trust older Superman in Justice League.