Thursday, May 19, 2016

Things I don't want to see

In regards to RHATO.

Any reference towards Eternal and Robin War. I loath both of these and sincerely hope their not canon. Wishful thinking perhaps but I'd settle for cherry picking everything written about Jason in those titles. For all of it to be ignored except for him helping the family.

Jason not being written by Eternal writers. They proved they have little to no understanding of his character. I bring it up here because it's still likely that another event will come up with them writing him. I rather have him kept out of their hands as they don't get his skills, personality, and write him off as a joke.

Suzie Su, etc. I didn't like her coming back from the dead in the first place. Ignoring the fact it came off pointless since she didn't even talk to Jason (*1) I feel like all the back from the dead stuff takes away from his character. At least with the Iron Rule you could argue that they didn't really die they just got powers. Jasons' death is being explored and the impact is lessened by others returning in the same book. If I had my way Damians' death would be retconned too because two dead Robins that return to life is too much.

Acting like Jason never had friends. I don't want this book to ignore the fact Kori and Roy were important to Jason. I suspect the Titan books will continue that trend from Starfire. I think the only way Lobdell would do that is if the previous books' canon get wiped away.

The Arkham Mention. Another pet peeve of mine is Jason mentioning spending time in Arkham. This connects to the secret ID mention in my post about things I want in this series. Jason Todd being in Arkham raises too many questions. It also seems far too cruel.

Negative Attitude Towards Men. I haven't been reading any Rucka interviews so I don't know if he's changing the current Amazon canon. At present the Amazons have a history of seducing men, killing them and trading the baby boys for weapons. In old canon Artemis was from the Bana-Mighdall a tribe of Amazons that treated men in a similar fashion. (*2) I haven't seen Artemis treating men horribly but that's not something I think should be looked into. Donna Troy didn't fare to well when she was written as someone that helped slay the Amazon males in DCYOU canon. I don't think Artemis will be written like Donna Troy was but it's something to be mindful of. Artemis can be arrogant she's not really anti-men. This is more of a note in general for anyone writing her.

Rushed and Unfinished Plots Because of Editorial Crap. It's obvious that a lot of the previous series have to change direction because of orders from on high. As a result characters are left out, there are few recurring enemies to make into a rogues gallery and no one has a life outside of the mission. Not for long anyway. I'd like to see Jason with a girlfriend Lobdell develops.

Ages or the Timeline. This has been a bane of DC ever since they relaunched. Damian's been with the family for a year and a half since he turned ten--except he's still ten. That's just one example but I'd prefer to just be mindful Jason is between Dick (21) and Tim's (16) ages. Technically he should at least be two years younger than Dick (*3) although there's also the dead gap. As in Jason was probably dead (ie. not aging) for at least 6 months.

That's all I think of at the moment.

*1 This probably has to do with trying to wrap up the Rent-A-Bat storyline. It definitely felt like it was building up to more than Roy taking them out.

*2 They bought male slaves to reproduce with. Artemis would have been too young to have been involved with that practice before the Bana-Mighdall were sent to fight demons for ten years. Afterward all the Amazons lived together.

*3 Jason was originally closer to Tims' age who was 13 when Jason died at 15 while Dick was around 20. It was later remarked that Jason was close to Cassandras' age. Jason's birthday is in August while hers is in January. I'd say Jason should be 18.


  1. I can agree with all of these points but sadly, if Titan's Hunt is any indication they will erase Jason's time with both Roy and Kori. It actually stung reading TH8 yesterday with Roy inmediately jumping into the Titans wagon (and talking about how much he will stand up for his friends early in the issue no less) with not a thought given to Jason.

  2. I would say Starfire started the trend but at least Lobdell mentioned her so it wasn't out of canon. Right now it's hard to place any of this since Roy mentions the Titans in RHA and TH feels like it takes place after. For now I'm just going to see how it goes. If Lobdell mentions their friendship I won't be too worried.