Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A new identity for Damian?

I mentioned this rumor before but would it work from a logical standpoint?

Many were bothered by the fact Damian won't be in BaRE for some time. It was assumed that he'd find out Dick was alive when he arrived halfway in...only he found out in Grayson. Now originally Robin War was just about Damian being the one to confront the WAR Robins. I think this was supposed to keep him occupied before he showed up in BaRE. So the rumor was that Damian or Cassandra are going to be the new Nightwing. Techically this could work and would make more sense if he didn't find out Dick was alive prior to the event.

The problem? Wouldn't his book need to relaunch AGAIN with a new title? I also doubt many will be thrilled with the idea of Damian ditching the legacy for newbies even if he's picking up another legacy from Dick. It doesn't really make sense for him to give it up so readily for complete strangers (or just Duke) who aren't even skilled.

The Cassandra rumor actually fits a little better since her new origin seems to tie into this big secret with Dick. She's said to have a big part so maybe they bond enough that she gets inspired by him? I'd prefer Black Bat but it doesn't sound like we'll getting that.

DC seems to be sticking with the spy thing so it doesn't look like we're getting him back as Nightwing anytime soon.


  1. I hope those are simply rumours because at this point Damian's resurrection seems utterly pointless. A big part of Damian's appeal was his dynamic with Bruce and Dick as it was the fact he was the "rightful" heir to Bruce. But now thanks to the Batman office, he has lost them.

  2. Exactly. Plus the fact Jason already did the whole dead/rebirthed Robin thing. A lot of it feels repetitive. Like DC doesn't know what to do but the character is too popular to stay dead.

  3. To be honest I always felt like Damian basic concept was too similar to the jerky Robin most people associate with Jason. Still, I'm one of those people who were glad for Damian's resurrection but isolating him that way is not what I wanted for the character.

  4. I don't think it was an accident, I honestly think Morrison built in the jerky clich├ęs people assume is part of Jasons' character. (Except for the privileged stuff.)

    He flat out stole Jasons' costume and was going to die on the mission and we know Morrison loves symbolism. His death even had similar notes. Jason comes back into the fold and saves Bruce after Damian dies.

    He shouldn't have died in the first place or at least not in this canon. I never liked Bruce just allowing Damian to do whatever he wanted but this makes Alfred look like he doesn't give a damn.