Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grayson Interview

How this issue sets up Robin War. It didn't get quite as in depth as I was hoping for the choices in 12.


  1. That was a lot of nothing but hyping upcoming arcs. Meh.

    I honestly found the idea of filling the pages with dialogue to be a poor choice since it lacks any context and is lazy from a visual standpoint.

    By the way, there's a new interview with Abnett about Titans Hunt

    I'm still baffled at Roy looking like he did on RHATO instead of his current look.

  2. I admit I kind of want to get Robin War just to get more Robin interacting. I technically could get it if I get my holiday shopping done early. I'm just unsure about certain writers.

    It's different and I liked being able to read something from Winick that was in Outsiders. There's some from RHATO too. If nothing else that's dedication to look into issues that aren't current or "must haves."


    I'm baffled by the lack of editors catching these things. They can't get Jasons' current costume right half of the time and can't remember who wears what Robin suit.

  3. I'm getting Robin War because has Jason on a major role for once, but same as you, I'm still not sold on most writers. If nothing else it shouldn't be as bad as Eternal

  4. That's definitely better. I think I'm really concerned how the Jason/Tim fight will go. If their suddenly make everyone hate each other, etc.