Thursday, September 10, 2015

DC Unleashes Robin War Solicits

And guess what? It's a bigger crossover than we thought. It's not just We Are Robin, RSOB and Gotham Academy. It's called Robin War for a reason.


I think this is mainly about building the WAR characters up, maybe having the Robins give them their blessing at the end. The Court will factor in but it mainly seems to be about the police fighting some Robins while the others chose sides. I'm not sure if I really want to get this but I adore the Robins.

Tim fighting Jason? We got that in the DOTF tie in. It's a fine line between making your characters annoying or not based on a plot. It will depend on the writer and this could go really bad since there are so many writers involved.

I'm not going to toss down nearly thirty bucks to get all of these. Which should give me the chance to hear what others say about these issues then get the trade if it sounds good. It concludes in RW #2? Is this before or after everyone knows Dicks' back?

The only issues I'm getting are the ones I'm already getting. It's tempting but this can epic, really bad or a mish mash of mixed quality.

Not sure I want to see Jason and Roy fighting.


  1. I'll be honest, for me this reeks of editorial mandate (and if true, gives some credence at the rumours about DC's shift due the underwhelming performance of DC YOU) I mean, the whole thing just blew out of proportion compared with the info revealed the past month. We'll see I guess, I just hope they aren't scrapping Medri's redesign of Jason's costume.

  2. Time will tell. Sometimes good things manage to come from mandates. Although it did seem odd to me that all we got was Robin War within 3 books prior to this announcement.

    That would be weird but we only have covers for now. Jasons' barely been in the costume.

  3. I hope you're right. Is just that there's something about all this that doens't sit well with me and I don't know what is.

  4. For me it's the Robins all fighting and other writers potentially making Jason look bad. It gives me bad BFTC memories.

  5. I guess what is bothering me is that while events are the norm for superhero comics. I was under the impression DC was trying to get away of that format with DCYou and its promises of more freedom for the creatives and story over continuity.

    The thing stands out the most though, is the total change of tone and scope between these solicits and the info given about the event when it was revealed at the SDCC. Not only the story was supposed to deal only with Damian and the Robin gang, the Court of the Owls was utterly absent as it were Jason, Tim and Dick but most importantly, it was supposed to be limited to We Are Robin, Robin:SOB, two bookends oneshots and Gotham Academy. However, now Gotham Academy has been demoted from key part of the story to mere tie-in.

    Is also curious how the solicits make the story sound like a mix and match between Night of Owls and Death of the Family, with some events (like the death match between Jason and Tim or the titans' involvement) being played out already on the latter.

    Regardless, I find amusing that Robin War is shaping to be a better way to celebrate Robin's 75th anniversary than Batman & Robin Eternal, despite the latter being billed as the flagship story for that celebration.

  6. Robin does sell and most Robin fans want them interacting more. I could see DC deciding to change things around given what I heard about sales.

    I got that vibe too. It also reminds me a bit of that series with the TT fighting in death matches. Are a bunch off WAR members going to die in this? Sounds more than a little extreme and that isn't a popular concept with readers.

    I thought the same thing. At least this one is actually about the Robins even if WAR is at the center of it. At least I trust a few of the writers involved.

  7. Yeah, sales weren't looking that good for them and despit Didio claiming they won't change the editorial direction, well, this proves they were only doing damage control.

    Seems unlikely that the cast of WAR will die one of the kids "died" on issue three but he's also on the cover of the Titans tie-in, so who knows. Although I could see them being shelved and leave only Duke around.

    Yeah, at least neither Tynion nor Snyder are involved here, still not fully sold on King though.

  8. That plus the extra Harley Quinn title coming out make it really look like their trying to make up for their loss.

    I thought there was 100 Robins in WAR? Not just the main cast. I could see them killing off the others.

    Neither am I. Convergence was boring and it's sometimes hard to tell what he wrote and what Seeley wrote.

  9. That's one of the dumb things on WAR. We spend three issues building the team of kids lead by Duke just for the end of issue three to reveal that pretty much every kid on Gotham has joined the Robin gang and the kicker is who's pulling the strings, Alfred.

    To be fair, the guy responsible of Convergence was Jeff King who's writing the Telos ongoing. Tom King is on Omega Men and Grayson. Still, I wasn't interested on Omega Men and the constant panderign on Grayson is getting irritating.

  10. I figured Alfred was behind it and that feels incredibly stupid. I would have liked the twist of the Joker pulling the strings and misleading them. Alfred no longer has a right to judge Bruce for endangering kids. And after what happened to Jason and Damian--the fact Damian still wears the Robin suit? WTF?

    My mistake. I just remembered the last name. Even so I'm not sure what his style is. I tend to blame that on Seeley although you never know who's idea these things are. It's like the fanfic Dick has taken over.