Sunday, September 13, 2015

What are you doing Alfred?

Just to see if I got all of this straight. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Bruce has selective amnesia and for some reason Alfred thinks it's okay since he's happy. I don't object to him wanting Bruce to be happy, I object to him forgetting that Bruce is a father. Is this ever addressed? Why is it okay for the boys to lose their dad (one of whom is a 10/11 years old) especially after the "loss" of Dick? Do they even know Bruce is alive? Did Alfred tell them to leave Bruce alone? It doesn't sound like it.

Alfred recruited a bunch of street kids to be Robins? Why? He's told off Bruce for endangering the boys before and is okay with doing this now? Without even considering how this will affect the others? Without apparently telling them?! 

Dick, doesn't apparently know what's going on thanks to Bruces' brilliant planning. Are you telling me the master strategist had no idea what to do if he disappeared during Dicks' mission?

Damian goes off without anyone worrying or explaining anything to him?

Tim, who was so obsessed with proving Bruce was still alive last time isn't doing anything now?

Jason doesn't believe Bruce is dead but is annoyed because he thinks the Robo-Bat situation (he still doesn't know it's Gordon) could have been set up by the others.

Naturally the problem with Dick rest on Bruces' shoulders but I'm feeling mightily mad at Alfred. Unless the next issue of Red Hood/Arsenal reveals he told Jason about Bruce he's acting incredibly idiotic. If he doesn't want them to jog Bruces' memories at least tell them he's alive and explain why. I can't understand the WAR idea at the moment. If he wanted to be a part of something he should be looking after the other members of his family. The whole "tell no one any vital information and be shocked when it backfires" plot has long since grown old.


  1. Yeah. that's pretty much what's happening right now. Oh yeah, one if the WAR kids seemingly died and Alfred's reaction was just look sad at DICK'S costume while lamenting no being able of saving all the kids.

  2. The one in the cave that's supposed to be Jasons'? I really hope their not switching their costumes because they realized Dicks' is the worst of the bunch. That sounds horrible, Alfreds' supposed to be the sensible one.

  3. That's actually an excellent question, here, see it by yourself.

    1. The link didn't work for me. If it's the picture of the Robin suit I looked that up on a review. The kid that died apparently was killed by a bomb so it would make sense if it was Jasons' costume.

      If it wasn't for BaRE I'd think they were. The only other explanation is laziness but this has happened like three times I know of lately.

    2. Did you copy the link and paste it in the adress bar to access? Is showing fine for me. Anyways, people was arguing that Alfred's actions stemed from the grief over Dick's "death" although I don't think it makes a lot of sense since it has been a least a year since Forever Evil and Damian has just got back. If Alfred is talking about Jason on that scene, it makes a little more sense but makes Alfred even more of an idiot since he knows first hand the risks vigilantism entails.

      By the way, as more solicits keep coming out more likely seems that DC is changing costumes around. Everything seems to point that Medri's costume has been scrapped and Jason is back on Rocafort's costume.

  4. Yep. It might be because I'm using an I-pad.

    Time is very blurry in comic books so who knows for sure. It could be a combo of things. Jason almost dying after DOTF. The family fighting over the Joker stuff. The guilt and stress of Damians' death and rebirth. Dicks' "death"', losing his hand and Bruce. Plus he likely needs to feel useful.

    Alfred seems like an idiot and a hypocrite with or without that scene. There's literally a scene of him mentally blaming Bruce for Jasons' death in Gotham Knights. This also has shades of Millers' bat army which feels very wrong.

    I'm willing to wait it out a little more since there were some screw ups with other costume changes. It seems odd that the first cover has the Medri costume and the others don't.

  5. And the hoodie is back on Batman Superman. DC's really weird these days.

  6. I noticed that and wonder if anyone bothers with the character sheets. The editors definitely aren't enforcing it.

  7. If you wanna know more about WAR

    Honestly, I don't think Bermejo fully understands either the concept of Robin nor Alfred's character

  8. Oops, I didn't see your post before. Sorry for not answering.