Saturday, September 26, 2015

Batman and Robin Eternal Prologue

Released today as a 8 page story although one of those pages is the cover for #1.


Honestly not much happens here as we get glimpses of present day and five years ago. In present day Dick travels to some ice castle while the other bat kids seem to do all the hard work. Either saving children or being attacked by them. Dick tells them to keep at it and asks how Bruce could do something. In the flashback a beaten up Batman goes to the bat computer as a character I'm assuming is Mother taunts him about Robin. Some secret is teased as he erases a file and keeps something from Dick when he asks if something is wrong.

Not much is shown here and it while that's supposed to be the point it feels lacking. The problem is that it fails to interest me at all. This lacks a personality and I just don't feel the hype. I may not have liked all the sneak peeks for DCYOU but I can't think of one that didn't showcase better than this. At the heart of all of BaRE is a secret Bruce is keeping that may change who Dick is. That's really disappointing and I can't find it in me to be even slightly intrigued. We already had the Court of Owls connection. Bruce ALWAYS keeps something from his family that bites them in the ass. Now I have my doubts about Robin War but the concept interests me more. It's certainly more original since it seems to deal with a choice Alfred made and everyone reacting to the fallout.

Cassandra will likely be one of the children Mother created in her image.


  1. That was agressively mediocre. And I'm done with forced melodrama and secrets from the past coming bak to haunt the batfamily.

  2. At this point it seems ridiculous that they still work with Bruce. The only reason their not raging at him is because he conveniently got selective amnesia.

  3. And this is what DC's billing as THE event for Robin's 75th anniversary.

    Seriously how the hell Snyder and Tynion have that much clout?

  4. As clichéd as it sounds I was honestly expecting a connecting legacy case. A case/villain that kept coming up every year to bother Batman that the Robins kept stopping. That villain decides to unleash whatever they were working on and they piece it altogether. And wasn't the controlled masses (kids in this case) idea used before?

    Snyder does have a top selling book although I have no idea how much input he has on BaRE.