Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Now Aquaman is added to the list

As seen here. Will it ever be properly addressed? Unlikely. But for the person I saw online that argued there was nothing wrong with it? Well I have something to say to that.

This person claimed there was nothing wrong with it because it was "consensual." It can only be consensual if you are both in your right minds (not drunk, etc,) and know who you are agreeing to have sex with. This sort of thing happens in real life and has led to people being brought up on charges. Say your spouse has a twin that decides to pretend to be them. You don't know this and try to repair your relationship with who you assume is your lover which leds to sex. You were not having sex with the person you wanted. That's not consensual because his choice was not informed because he was intentionally mislead. Frankly it worries me that so many people are oblivious to this subject.

Mirage making Nightwing think she was Starfire which led to sex? Rape. It's the same thing for the Batwoman situation despite them claiming it's not. Because Kate thought she was having sex with Maggie, at least the first time. People have brought this up in Spider-Man in recent years which it's come up a disturbing amount of times.

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