Friday, September 25, 2015

My feelings on Jason Todd and Tim Drake

I talked a bit about this when there was a controversy over them being on okay terms.

There's still some arguing over this but my feelings on it are simple. Canon is different now and given the attention DC is giving Dick/Damian if Jason wasn't close to Tim then Tim would barely have any interaction with the family. I'd say Roy is closer to Jason than Tim anyway so it's not like they have that best of buds vibes just yet.

DC has been showing them interact more to the point their new friendship is beginning to get noticed by readers. They talked in BE, for some reason Dick decided to reveal himself to both of them and they have been sharing information for some time. I like it and it's actually been built up better than any of his other interactions with the bat kids.


  1. I agree with you, in the context of the N52 their relationship is well developed and adds a lot to their characters.

  2. They balance out each other nicely and with luck that won't change after Robin War.