Sunday, September 27, 2015

Event Dullness

In recent years it's been:

  • Count of Owl/Night of Owls: I liked it okay.
  • Death of the Family: ...I liked the first RHATO tie in. But mostly this was just a mess.
  • Forever Evil: I think there were a few good moments but overall I couldn't help feeling bored.
  • Convergence: A few good moments but a whole lot of meh.

So you can see why I'm hesitate to jump onto the event train again even if some of my favorite characters are involved.


  1. Don't forget Eternal, Robin Rises and Endgame. At this point I'm more than ready for someone else to take the reins of the Main book.

  2. I'm still at a point I can barely talk about Eternal and I didn't even finish it. I was too pissed off and didn't want to waste more money on something that made me furious. I got one issue of B&R during RR and hated it. I really didn't like what Tomasi did with the Waynes. Endgame was better than DOTF but nothing--at least for me--mind blowing.

    I can understand that but I'm more than a little concerned who would get those reins. I don't want Tynion or Seeley on the book. I can at least enjoy Snyder issues even if their not my favorites.