Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Buy List

Another ongoing series ending.

What I'm currently getting:
  • Gotham Academy- I hate to say it but I found myself kinda bored with the last issue. It felt like the book has lost some of its momentum. The story with Olives' mom is dragging, we still haven't learn much about the characters and it reminded me of a BTAS episode. I want to return to the mysteries of the school.
  • Red Hood/Arsenal- I love this book and look forward to it every month.
Future Buys:
  • Back to the Future (4 part mini series) - I won't know what to expect until the first issue but with only four issues it's not something I'll have to suffer through for months if it's bad. Actually I'll likely drop it if it isn't good but I'm hoping for the best. 
  • Titans Hunt- Likewise this is one that's "wait and see." It's also longer at 12 issues which could be good or bad depending on the story. Whatever happens let Roy stay with Jason. Oh and stop making Dick wear Jasons' Robin costume.
  • Batman/Superman #27- I like the idea of building up relationships with other heroes. We only skimmed the surface of how Clark and Jason interact. In the B/S Annual the two really didn't interact. Lobdell has Superman knowing there's more to Jason but not approving of his methods. Jason doesn't like Superman because he's too powerful and Clark can kinda act like an ass. 
  • Doomed- It's ending in November but I'll keep following it until then. I really looked forward to this series and I'm sad to see it go. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of these characters and they won't be used as fodder for some stupid event.

After November I'll only have two ongoings and two mini series.


  1. They are dropping like flies, aren't they?

  2. Sadly yes. I hope the next bunch are stronger titles that I'm interested in.