Monday, September 28, 2015

Got back into sewing

I don't do it much and I'm certainly not talented at it but it can be fun. It's relaxing...until you make a mistake. Even so I enjoy the process of creating something. Remember when I tried to make the Supernova and Goldstar costumes? I found them and their worse than I remember. I didn't use the right fabric for the colored sections (I just used what I already had) and it warped or stiffen those parts. Well I'm self taught so I had no concept of what I was doing.

I was going to make my own 12" figures since the DC lines never get around to making my favorite characters. They seem to favor the same select few and/or it cost too much. Besides sewing the biggest hinderance was finding heads that looked like they would work for the characters. Proper male heads are far harder to find than female. You'd think there would be plenty of young attractive male faces that'd work. Anyway I'm looking for materials so I'll see if I can come up with anything.

Out of curiosity what character would you like to see that hasn't had a 12" figure?


  1. Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Kayner.

  2. I knew you'd say that. While they don't have 12" figures they do have 8" figures.

  3. I go have a me go Hal... and a twelve inch Hal as well

  4. I'd get both too if my favorite were made in different scales.