Saturday, September 12, 2015

What's canon for new Booster?

I was just thinking of all the retcons and wondering how much is intact.

Booster was the same Booster from preboot now he's not.

The JLI Annual ignored/retconned most of the JLI series.

The Futures End and Convergence tie ins retconned things in the Annual. Do the All Star Western cameos fit in anywhere?

At present all I'm sure about is that the FE and Convergence issues are canon. Things are confusing even with time travel, we don't need more retcons.


  1. Since DC has simply given up any kind of continuity... or coherence for that matter... who the heck knows what is going on any more?

  2. Well it's vague canon I guess.

    Still I wish the Booster Rider thing wasn't canon.