Friday, September 4, 2015

Batgirl Anniversary ?

It won't be as big as the 75th anniversay since Betty Kane became Batgirl in the early 60's but it'd be nice to have an event (with different writers) for Bette, Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie. Maybe Kate and Kathy too. I'd have it focused on Bette and what her relationship with Kathy was like. Then build her up from there with the others getting sucked into the story. Unfortunately I think DC would have Barbara be the lead. I just want the original Bat-Girl to finally have the spotlight.


  1. According to Fletcher, there's something big on the works for Barbara

    I don't know what it says about me thet hearing "this will change the status quo of the bat world" only fills me with dread though

  2. I don't trust anything happening to Barbara under current management. Believe me, I'm dreading it too. Of course I'm actively avoiding Barbara when I can thanks to BE making her unbearable.