Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How would you end your favorite series?

I remember awhile back there was this magazine question asked to creators. How they would end the series they were writing. Sometimes I think of what I'd do if the choice was up to me. Here are a few ideas I had.

Spider-Girl (MC2)

First of all I'd get rid of the mess from Spiderverse. Logically there's proof it didn't happen to our May but I'd make that clearer. I'd like to resolve it sooner but sadly I don't see the creators having any interest in resolving the long dangling plotline of Darkdevil. I'd finally reveal the truth to the Parkers and deal with the fallout. There would be a bit of meta with the meaning of legacies and why someone is suited for them. May and Reilly would bond and Peter would try to make amends.

Booster Gold

I always see this ending two different ways. 1) Booster showing a younger Rip around a museum to teach him history before Rip chooses to become Rip Hinter. 2) Adult Rip watching Booster go off to save the day before returning home where his own kid eagerly waits to hear how his day went. I definitely didn't see what we got in the Convergence tie in.

Batman Books

I see different things for each character. I never liked the idea that Bruce would blow up Wayne Manor or retire under a fake name. That just doesn't fit the character. He'd keep being Batman until he couldn't physical, died or morally felt he wasn't right for it anymore (as shown on Batman Beyond.) I don't agree with Snyder on the whole clone thing because that was never who Bruce was and disrespects the whole legacy aspect. I'd like to see a situation where Bruce is alive but for whatever reason can't be Batman. He still wants the cowl and whoever becomes the new Batman proves their the right person to take over.

I could see Tim taking over Wayne industries or having his own company. Dick leading his own team and being a type of superhero spokesperson. Damian taking on the Al Ghul legacy to ensure their dealt with. Barbara having the power she used to have as Oracle. Stephanie and Cass being respected heroes in their own right. And Jason, well I have a more detailed concept in mind. To sum up he'd save and look after a lot of down on their luck kids but NOT turn them into sidekicks. There's more to it but that's the main point.