Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grayson has returned

I haven't read the issue but I have seen the page with Damians' reaction.


This is the sort of thing that gives me mood whiplash with characters. Has Damian ever been upset over Dicks' "death" on panel?  He seems a little too dismissive on the subject and entirely too quick to hug. If there's more to it great, if not then doesn't it seem too forced? I recall reading an interview where they said Damian would be pissed so did they just shrug it off? Is he going to be so cool when he hears about Bruce?


  1. I read the issue and again suffers from King's writing catering to the fans ignoring characterizations, logic and its own damn plot.

    You have the stuff with Damian that while heartwarming lacks proper build up, then you have Jason's reaction who lashes out at Dick and punches him. However, there's no real reason for Jason to lash that way, he was never close to Dick but hey, that's what tumblr wants; am I right?

    1. I will say I'm glad the reunion was here and not Batgirl. I just don't think that book would do well with the other characters.

      DC has gone back and forth over the years on how close Jason was with Dick. I think Lobdell was going to show them being closer than we think. Dick did ask Jason to look after Kori and apparently called him in DOTF.

    2. The way Lobdell (and Tomasi) have handled their relationship is a very profesisonal one. Like they aren't really close enough to be considered friends but they respect each other nonetheless. Is just weird to see Jason punching Dick over the whole thing when he was mostly composed talking about Bruce's apparent demise on RH/A. I mean, there's no real emotional investement between the two of them.

      Who knows though, maybe Lobdell will adress the outburst on RH/A #5

      I have to say I enjoyed Janin taking a shot at Medri's design, shame that he make all the boys have the exact same face.

    3. If it was just professional I can't see Dick being okay with Jason looking out for Kori. Professional would be working with a stranger for the greater good. RHATO 6 implied Dick was more involved. It's a different situation because Jason knows Bruce does manipulative things while Dick was the one yelling at Bruce in DOTF for keeping secrets.

      He might just address the Bruce side but there's not much Jason can do if Bruce can't remember.

      At least Jason looks good.

  2. I only saw the pictures on Scans Daily, and thought it was lovely that Damian and Dick were together again...but then I'm a bit of a sap.


    1. It's nice it just feels sort of random. There's no real build up and he's unusually open about his emotions.