Monday, September 14, 2015

DC Solicits for December

We learned of Robin War and a whole lot of cancelled titles. Let's see what else we can talk about.

  • They have a trade of the Robins fighting which are mostly crappy issues. The only good ones are the TT one and depending on your POV the Damian/Tim fight.
  • Cassandra Cain FINALLY gets her run reprinted. This first trade was going for 75 bucks on eBay last time I looked.
  • RHATO trade. I was worried this last trade wouldn't get made and I'm glad I'll be finishing my TPB collection of the only issues I found enjoyable.
  • Has Carrie Kelly become Batwoman?
  • Batman with TMNT. I want to get it but with the writer it's a no go.
  • The Batgirl solicit makes me simultaneously feel sad and laugh. I miss the old Barbara.
  • Starfire a.k.a. the shipper bait issue! Will all her development in RHATO get ignored (naturally) and once again reduce her to being a reserved love interest for Dick? Hmm.
  • Titans Hunt, I hope this doesn't let me down. I'm REALLY looking forward to this.
  • I like the cover with Tim and Jason for BaRE. And once again they have the wrong costume for Jason. Other than that I don't have any interest in what's shown.
  • Jason IS wearing the right costume in Batman/Superman #27 and I like how the solicit sounds. He's the voice of reason! I'd love if he was stopping Superman as a favor for Bruce.


  1. I was so looking forward for the TMNT/Batman crossover until I read the writer. Why do you hate me DC? :(

    Starfire is gonna be a massive trainwreck and yet, is gonna be praised as the best thing since the sliced bread.

    Titans Hunt has given you another piece of the puzzle, Dick and Roy are remembering stuff that didn't happen. Wonder what will be the aftermath of that

    Pagulayan is an excellent artist but yeah, there's nothing on those solicits that makes me interested on B&R Eternal

    On the other hand, I'm really looking forward for Jason on B/S. Pak has a good grasp on his character and is a pretty solid writer. Having the correct costume is the cherry on the top. I do wonder what's the deal with Jason's costume. He has the hoodie on B&RE first issue's cover and interiors while the recent cover depicts him with the jacket (same WAR 7). Considering how nuts has become editorial I wouldn't be surprised if the jacket is what Jason wears on Batman books while the hoodie is for his series and other cameos.

  2. As long as it's trendy I guess no one cares how Starfire is portrayed. Nevermind the fact it makes many Outlaws critics hypocrites for liking it for the same traits they accused RHATO of having.

    I do feel a little anxious over the aftermath.

    At the moment I think editorial is just being lazy. I'm really looking forward to the B/S issue. There's a lot of potential with the Jason/Superman dynamic. I'm glad someone is using Jason in another book and it's one I'm not dreading.

  3. A shame really, Lobdell managed to make Kori an interesting character for me, thems the breaks.

    So am I, hopefully it won't be anything that affects RH/A

    Yeah, that issue is gonna be great. I can't wait to see Syaf drawing Jason.

  4. Kori was my favorite female DC superhero. I should be pissed but I just feel annoyed. I'm mostly ignoring it which helps.

    I really hope nothing affect RH/A.

    Didn't Syaf do the Pfeiffer issues that showed Jasons' eyes behind his helmet? Or am I thinking of someone else?

  5. That was Rafa Sandoval, curiously he was supposed to be the artist for RHATO after Gopez but he only did Pfeifer's issues and half of issue 32 before dropping from the title.

  6. For some reason there was a problem getting artists to stick around after Rocafort. I remember Booth saying he did the back up Joker section for the origin issue because no one else wanted to do it,

  7. Wow, kind of amazing that RHATO lasted as long then.

  8. I wasn't sure if he meant that no one wanted to do the book or no one wanted to do that particular story. I remember it being pretty unpopular.

  9. I heard that Botth was offered RHATO after Rocafort but he declined because he was sick of drawing teams and archers. I feel kind of bad about Suayan though, he got the boot for an oversight.

  10. That sounds right, I know how much he dislikes archers.

    True, if I remember right Suayan was kind of excited about the book.