Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Short Review: Doomed #4

Unfortunately with the series being canceled it means a lot of rushed storylines being condensed in the last three months.


Reiser feels sorry for himself wondering if he can have a normal life or if he's *ahem* doomed to  spend the rest of his life as a guinea pig. The girl he almost had a fling with seems to be capable of magic which she used to change him back claiming the world needs him. When Wonder Girl appears she attacks and only pauses when he saves her from being crushed. She lassos him to get him out of harms way which might be responsible for him changing back to his human form. Cassie gives him the Titans information in case he needs it since she realizes he's a good person.

Jayne discovers Reiser was contaminated by Doomsday spores which Superman overhears.

Overall: There was a rushed feeling and as a result I wasn't as taken with this issue as the previous one. It does give Reiser potential allies and tie in Supermans' involvement. It looks doubtful that we'll get any satisfying conclusion to certain plot lines like the woman he most hooked up with that happens to be good with magic. The fight with Reiser/Alpha Centurion will have to happen within the next two issues and sadly won't get very far which means it will lack impact it could have on his friendship with Roman. At least it won't have the length it should have had. It's an okay issue just not one of the stronger ones.

Questions Raised?: How old is Reiser? I assumed he was older than Cassie since he's in college but she calls him a kid. Last I checked she's 17.

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