Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harley Quinn #20

After reading this I'm curious...why do people like Harley Quinn again? I was always pretty neutral towards her but at least she used to be likable. My sister enjoyed some of the older HQ issues prior to the relaunch so I have some idea how she used to act. Well besides the fact I watched all the animated Batman episodes and movies.

At least this has a Booster Gold cameo.

SPOILERS about the preview below.

I didn't find any of this funny except maybe Aquaman talking on a clam instead of a phone. Which isn't clear here and is actually a joke from another Amanda Conner book. Harley kills an overworked woman who's trying to remain polite until Harley keeps prodding her. Lovely. This and the Villains month issue of her killing innocents (mainly kids) with DS systems really make her more of a Joker-lite character. Judging by the comments a lot of people find this funny or don't care because they think this is sexy?

I hoping if the rumors about Suicide Squad are true that she'll acts more like her old self. At least she'll be somewhat likable again.

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