Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Preview: Batman Annual #4

DC has made Alfred into a jackass and an idiot if he thinks this will work.


First he goes against his own morals to bring together untrained kids to act as Robins. He refuses to let any of Bruces' sons see him without pretending to be someone else as seen in Grayson #12. Now he painted over the portrait done in Batman and Robin? Granted I never liked that thing since it showed a particular bias but why have it at all? Just it's presence raises too many questions and will piss everyone off once they see what was done to it. Seeing it now must make Bruce think he's full of himself to the point he wants a massive painting of himself.

This moronic ruse can't last forever because there are many factors Alfred can't control. Because others do know about Bruces' kids, I'm shocked Julia hasn't mentioned them.

"Hey Bruce, when am I going to meet this ten year old son you have? Don't you also have an adopted son somewhere? By the way I'm sorry you lost two of your sons and one of them was unmasked as Nightwing."

Okay some of that is blunter than normal but someone would bring these things up. Alfred is being cruel to all the boys by taking away their legacy to give to strangers and forcing them out of Bruces' life. He's always been the biggest supporter of them all being family and now he's pushing them all to the side.


  1. I'm starting to dread that editorial has decided to crash and burn Alfred's character to have him replaced by Julia.

    Like seriously, this goes against everything his character symbolized.

  2. I have heard a rumor like that but I think it's mainly to fill the void of stupid choices Batman makes. If Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian don't call Alfred on this crap during Robin War I will be pissed.

  3. I have to wonder if the topic will be addressed at all on Robin War. I mean, King already avoided showing Alfred's reaction to Dick's return on Grayson 12.

  4. It seems to defeat the purpose of the storyline if it's not addressed. Damian and the others find out about these Robins so they should track them back to the source. It's the perfect time to do so and quite frankly Alfred deserves it. He's been a hypocrite and is endangering people. Alfreds' basically abandoned them just to protect Bruce and carry out his mission.

  5. Alfred does seem to have been acting weirdly... but then again, so has Bruce.

  6. I know Alfreds' been stressed out but it's past the ridiculous point now. At least Bruce as the excuse on not remembering who he was.