Friday, September 4, 2015

Donna Troy vs. Nightwing

A.K.A. One of the times people forgot Dick can get nasty.

When I started getting curious about the TT this is one of the back issues I got. The main thing I remember about this issue was the fight where Dick lives up to his name. He wasn't in a good place since things ended with Kory due to political reasons and Donna was worried about the state of the team. Things turn physical as Dick hits all of her sore points with words. How she's distracted thanks to her husband Terry Long pressuring her to help him with work before he loses his job. Dick questions if she's able to be a leader if she isn't even keeping track of the members. He mocks Donna always trying to be perfect and leaves the fate of the team on her shoulders.
It's a painful issue if you're a fan of their friendship it also leads to an interesting place: Donna's choice in a new team. A team that's mostly comprised of her friends that are all going through emotional problems, Donna still wanting to rely on Dicks' judgment and one rookie. I'll get to it in awhile but for now a blast from the past before we get a reunion in Titans Hunt.

Donnas' team.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, and it's glorious. He's the only one that's emotionally stable making his first team up with the Titans very interesting.

    2. Well, I need to track down those stories

    3. I'll be done with my review highlighting the Jason parts of the issue soon. There's maybe a couple more Jason TT issues (I forget the exact number) and while he doesn't do too much he's portrayed really well.