Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Batgirl in WAR

I remembered she's supposed to be in the new issue and was curious how her reaction would mesh with the Robin War event. I read spoilers and it just confuses me.


Barbara is okay with untrained kids doing this crap? Oracle would have chewed everyone out and tracked down who was behind it to tell them off. Hell Barbara got moody with Harper in that BE preview I read when Harper was being introduced to her. It took Tim telling her that he trusted Harper to get her to back off. If she didn't tell the others about this (no idea if she did) then she's an ass for just shrugging the whole thing off. Doesn't she care about the outcome? Maybe if she decided to get to the root of the problem there wouldn't be a fallout with the Robins and cops in a few months.


  1. You know what is the kicker? On Barbara's own book (out THIS WEEK) she's saying she would never allow her friend to become a vigilante because she couldn't forgive herself if anything were to happen.

    WAR has this weird tone shifting in which it wants to depicts realistic consequences over vigilantism but it doesn't commits to it and pulls stunts like this,

  2. I guess Barbara only cares if it's someone she knows. She might have gone too far as Oracle but she would have done the whole "you'll end up in the morgue" routine.

    You know I won't be nearly as bothered with this if Barbara had volunteered to train them. Not to long ago I read Batgirl Year One and even when Batman didn't approve he made sure she survived. By giving her the proper tools and having Robin help her. This is just reckless and I hope the Batmans' Robins act more responsibly.

  3. The thing is that Barbara isn't used so much as character as a plot device. She literally shows out of nowhere (specially after the girl's delusion at school with her) just to validate her actions. She doesn't really feels like Barbara, just like a mouth piece saying exactly what the girl wants to hear.

    IF she would been a delusion then it would been a master stroke on Bermejo's part though.

  4. I hate when writers use a character just to make them a mouth piece even though they'd never say those things. It might work if it was just a delusion in someone's head instead of her actually being there.