Thursday, October 1, 2015

Batman 66' Thoughts

I bought a few things from the Batman Day sale including Batman The Cult (which I have a physical copy of) Grayson (which I got solely to review) and this. The price was right as certain trades were only $ 3.99. Hopefully next year their have a bigger selection with different books.

So far I've only read the first story in this trade. Reading comics based on TV shows are tricky things because a lot is missing in the printed medium such as the acting and music. There are benefits though like being able to do bigger effects and making the characters do more impressive feats. There's nothing wrong with the first issue although I'll need to read more to give a better opinion.

I loved the art, it flows nicely, has good likeness of the actors and has a good style. Except for some of the blue outlining which looked like it was attempting to do one of those 3D effects. It hurt my eyes after a while.


  1. As a little kid, I absolutely adored the Batman TV show, so I have been enjoying the books like crazy.

    And crazy it is.

  2. The second issue with Penguin and Mr. Freeze felt more like the show because of the insane plot. I love how everyone just goes along with it then they all go screw it once they realize a sub is involved.

    It is so crazy.