Thursday, October 15, 2015

A cameo prompted this odd idea

Recently I caught the last page cameo from Jason in another book. There was a detail that reminded me of other appearances prior to the New 52/DCYOU.


When Jason meets Wonder Woman in For the Man Who Has Everything he's noticeable cold. This prompts Diana to comment which brings up the infamous exchange with Batman and him. It makes sense though because his costume--rather Dicks' costume--left a lot of visible skin. It's not ideal for working in harsh winter environments.

This come into play again when he first joins the Teen Titans for a mission and comments on his uniform being less than ideal.

At the end of Batman/Superman #25 Clark has this greet him. What stuck out? The fact that once again Jason is freezing despite the fact he's protected against the elements. Now I brought up something along these lines before when discussing some of Jasons' abilities. In RHATO #5 all the leads fall into the icy water with Kori unaffected because of her powers. Roy is noticeably cold and his teeth are chattering to the point it effects his speech.

Jason jumps out and seems utterly unaffected by it.

Is he just faking it ? I know I'm overthinking this, I do that with these details.


  1. Whoah, nice catch. I guess Pak also did his research with Jason. Now I'm even more excited for Jason's role on Batman Superman.

    I don't believe Jason was faking not being affected by the cold, if you remember when he got into the fountain he went into sort of a trance, remebering his time with Ducra. Is likely he didn't felt the cold back then because he was focused on the task at hand, unlike here with Clark.

  2. I'm not sure if it was deliberate, Pak didn't bring up any hints about the Jason connection to Morgol in the annual. Which was disappointing since Lobdell suggested it was still canon since Jason saved Supermans' life.

    I meant faking being cold around Superman and the others. He doesn't really share much about his training. Lobdell has Jason having more control over his body like being able to fight off paralyzing toxins, holding his breath for a long period, awareness during a coma, etc. Even being in a trance suggest higher control. Maybe if Lobdell ever shows the All Caste flashbacks he can explain more of this.