Thursday, October 8, 2015

Corrected Titans Hunt Cover

I mentioned this before but the original cover had the wrong Robin suit. The first version of this cover had Jasons' and the new one has Dicks' suit. The other Titans next to him also have some changes to their costumes. I'm so happy they changed it. With the confusion over costumes lately I was beginning to worry.


  1. Wow, those are excellent news!

    They even tweaked Roy's costume a little so is more in line with his current look.

  2. I thought it was supposed to be Roys' old costume since those Titans were to old ones.

  3. Who knows really, I'm just going by the black elements added to it. If I'm remembering correctly all of his suits were completely red on the N52 until Medri's redesign.

    The goth girl in the right, is that supposed to be Raven?

  4. I think he had a long sleeve design by Rocafort in the flashback but no one remembers that.This looks similar to the RHATO costume. No tattoos though.

    I guess. I'm not following TT. I could see them redesigning it though. No one seemed to like the feather look.