Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Kanes and the Waynes

I find it a little amusing and a little sad that neither Kate or Bette are more involved in their family's' lives. Both are Bruces' cousins yet he's distant with them despite knowing their IDs even though he's gone to lengths to protect them both. I don't think Damian has met any of the Kanes and you'd think he would considering his interest in his bloodline.

I'm not saying they should report to Batman but have an actual relationship with Bruce and his kids. Did any of them meet? Kate talked about their family being cursed back in her Zero Year issue which made me wonder if she heard about Jason much less knew him. Wouldn't she find it funny that Nightwing just happened to be Dick Grayson? I'm surprised the DEO--who know who his cousins are--aren't looking into it more.

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