Friday, October 16, 2015

The End of BaRE #2

This was spoiled for me on a facebook page. Since then I heard all kind of things from various people. Then I remembered something Tynion wrote.


Now the set up is for Cassandra Cain vs. Jason Todd. This pisses me off for several reasons chief among them being the characters meeting on these terms since they never interacted before. It also seems like the writers want her to beat up all the Robisn in celebration of her return and the 75th anniversary. Cassandra is one of the best fighters in DCU, at least in the last canon. She eventually defeated the worlds best Lady Shiva although Cassandra was considered equal to Bruce prior to the fight. She's my favorite Batgirl and in my opinion was the best in that role.

Jason is actually a better fighter than people give him credit for. As I recently mentioned Bruce seriously feared Jason had surpassed him in UTH. Recently Jason admitted to himself that he held back because he was fighting Bruce. Which makes sense because the whole point was getting the two of them to decide Jokers' fate. Ironically Shiva was thought to be Jasons' mom at one point and many fans today still suspect Cass and him being siblings despite the evidence/new canon saying otherwise. Now I don't say all this as proof that he'll somehow overcome Cass. I doubt that will happen since she already took Dick out (although some have claimed it's only because he was injured) and the writers involved not filling me with confidence. I think at the very least he should put up a good fight.

Most writers sadly don't do enough research on Jason to at least know some of his skills shown in his own books and other in character appearances. I don't for example believe anyone will remember the time Tim and him were forced to battle where it's revealed Jason can fight blind. This is just a background to help illustrate why I'm once again disappointed in the direction these Eternal books are taking since these characters that SHOULD have good interactions instead of pissing contests. Anyway Dick previously fought Shiva in the new canon and was defeated. Later on Tynion took a shot at writing her and decided to take the easiest way possible for her fight with Jason.

This is her ENTIRE battle with Jason and believe me I've seen some BS explaining this. I heard she was taking it easy on him (which is still out of character.) I heard that Jason was cheating by using pressure points which he's not in the art and against Shiva it's not cheating. She should still be able to see it coming.The fact remains it's bad writing. Not that he couldn't ever find a way to defeat her, I'm all in favor of smart writing proving a solution to taking on a skilled fighter.

The point is this was bullshit that Shiva would have seen coming especially since he's telling her what he's doing. What makes it even more unbelievable is Jason confessing he's rusty so he doesn't know how long she'll be out. Uh if he was rusty he shouldn't have made contact in the first place. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't trust Tynion and crew to make this a good battle. I think their have Cass win and remembered the fact Tynion did this is hilariously "epic battle." I'm not saying this should be repeated this is just a reminder what Tynion wrote.

Cassandra is a top tier fighter but I just want more from comics than the predictable.


  1. The only thing I know is that whatever the outcome is, someone will be PISSED

  2. Pretty much. I'm just asking for it not to be too bad because that's what I've come to expect.

  3. Preview is out

    I'm very impressed. Seeley managed to strike a nice compromise on the sequence between Jason and Cass. They seem to be more or less equal on skill avoiding entirely to turn the scene into a one sided struggle.

    I'm specially fond of the way Jason is written, calm and in absolute control of himself. A huge improvement over the guy who let emotions cloud his judgement and in perfect synch with Lobdell's take. Adding the blades to his arm guards was a strike of genius and one that makes me love the new costume even more.

    Other than Harper's sections and the Tynion penned issues (that are garbage), the series has been real solid. I might actually pick this one up.

  4. Since the first preview I haven't been looking at BaRE other than a couple scans sites I visit sometimes post. Their kind of hard to miss. It's good to hear Jason is written well although I'm not unsure if I trust Seeley after his take in BE.

    I'm still not over the fact Tynion is still writing Batman related books.