Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Short Review: Back to the Future # 1

Much like Titans Hunt this series is supposed to fill in gaps. Will it be more fun ?


This takes place before Doc returns to the future at the end of the third movie with his family. He's working on a new time machine and explaining how he met Marty. It's rather startling to note how much more fun this issue was compared to TH. Doc's "test" is rather brilliant and shows that Marty actually is pretty smart. The basic idea of the two meeting has been discussed before in less detail but it's basically the same. Neither Marty or Doc get upset with the other for their rather odd first meeting and are pretty easy going. I love the concept of Doc being someone most residents of Hill Valley are afraid of and Marty not battling an eye at it. In fact he seems to relish it at one point. Working with Doc is more interesting to him than how much he's actually paid for accepting the job.

It's apparent that Doc cares for Marty as he lovingly tells this story and it's nice to see him as a dad. I know there was a BTTF animated series that explored this more.

The next story has to do with Doc's part in the Manhattan project or rather getting himself noticed. Both of these stories are marked to be continued which I'm looking forward to. This was MUCH better than Titans Hunt and reminds me how much I enjoyed IDW when it still had the Angel rights.

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