Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DC handling Cass

I was thinking about some of the last stories DC told with her before New 52/DCYOU. The horrible out of character and nonsensical assassin who despite struggling to read due to her brains' development somehow knew Navajo. Which led to them saying she was drugged and for some reason Dick blamed her for her actions while under the influence.

Bruce adopted her then she was sent to Hong Kong after following Batmans' instructions to give Stephanie the Batgirl mantle. Tim was the only one to really keep in contact with her although to be fair Stephanie didn't know how to reach her. Snyder did a Gates of Gotham which was supposed to star Cassandra when she got pushed into the background and met a jealous Damian. She never met Jason although they were both in Batman Inc.

Be careful with this one DC.

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