Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Steve Orlando Interview

Maybe he has something more encouraging to say about BaRE? I didn't have too much interest in this so just a few things I wanted to mention.

Nrama: Are you guys getting to take the lead on certain characters?

Orlando: No. I know some other weeklies have certain people take certain characters and things like that. But with Batman and Robin Eternal, because we all wrote the story together, we them are sort of divvying up the issues and giving each writer and artist team a two-issue block of content.

Nrama: Yeah, who are the artist/writer teams? Do you know how they're teamed up?

Orlando: Yeah, Tim is working with Paul Pelletier, James is working with Tony Daniel — on the eight-pager and the first issue, and I'm working with Scot Eaton.

Well we now know who's responsible for what including the out of character preview for #1. Tynion didn't make Jason completely helpless like he previously did and he also wrote him differently than he did in his RHATO run. Which is odd, it's still off.

His talk about Tim/Dick almost sounds like he's talking about Jason instead of Tim. I'm kind of surprise so many writers that are Tim fans are willing to go with a more detached relationship with Dick.

At the top of the interview page it says the Robins are on a list of missing children...why? I know it will be explained but it just seems weird to me because people publically know Bruce Wayne adopted them. Jason might have been on the list when he was living on the streets but he would have been taken off once Bruce took him in. Tims' name is his legally changed name once his parents went into protective custody. You're telling me two different groups were interested in taking Dick in and (I'm assuming with Mother) make him their assassin?


  1. Honestly the more I know about BR&E the less I want to read it.

  2. Yep. I have no interest in getting the series but I'm usually drawn to interviews. I guess I'm curious how they feel about the characters.