Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Grayson # 4

Another issue from the trade.


I'm glad the lollipop bit went somewhere because Dick would have come off like an idiot otherwise. We do get incompetence from Spyral as they made the cannibal a psychiatrist. It's funny ! Because their telling people grieving for Agent 8 to see her but be careful ! Get it ?!

Bratty murder school girls crap goes on and I think the only time I found it entertaining was when Stephanie went undercover. It might be because I liked that story and it had more of a focus than the girls squealing over a guy. Dick's sex appeal is getting into over inflated territory as the girls only care about his body since they can't see or care about his face.

Dick realizes that yeah, he might be in over his head. Then he shrugs it off because he hears his fangirls whining and decides diving out shirtless makes sense. Why when it doesn't even sound important ? Because fanservice. Shouldn't he be their age as their college girls ? They act younger. Dick decides he likes the creepy attention and decides to play with them. Which is pretty much the dumbest thing he can do because for all he knows their just a distraction. I can't think of anyone of his brothers being in this situation and thinking "sure why not." Sure enough Helena decides to search his room as part of her mission to find the person sending messages out.

Oh good, there IS a point to Dick indulging his stalkers. Not a good reason but a reason. He wants to see how well trained they are and how well Helena teaches. Because he wants to show them he can out class them. Yeah, Bruce picked the perfect person for the job alright. You have a subtle spy mission that needs the proper amount of discretion you send the guy that's used to being in the spotlight. Anyway it thankfully ends when Helena shows up and I'm honestly worried how it would have ending if the girls caught up to him.

As Dick's punishment for wasting everyone's time by pointlessly trying to stroke his ego there's a punishment for us too. Having to see more of those creepy as fuck girls and their annoying personalities. Oh yeah and to force Dick to teach them acrobatics then have him pretend to be gay. I'm still stunned by the level of stupidity that twist sank to, it's kind of amazing how bizarre that was. So to punish the girls their flaunting Dick in front of them and apparently telling them he's gay prior to class just to mess with them. That's extremely juvenile for a spy organization and for the writers. "Look at the girls ogling Dick like he's a piece of meat and saying he's gay. Tee hee !" Sure he'll teach them to do better but presenting him daily wouldn't necessarily stop them from stalking him or others.

To cement the obvious fan fiction we get an actual mention of it. I guess sexual harassment doesn't matter when you're a spy. What's the tone of this series supposed to be again ? Helena actually uncovered the cameras one of the girls set up. Instead of punishing her they continue their nonsense by deciding to give her extra credit. That will teach her not to break the rules again. They will paddle the girls for being out late but with that bunch who can say if that's punishment or reward. Dick and the audience got the worse punishment.

There were some good bits like the Apollo/Midnighter scene and Helena wanting Dick to remember Nightwing at the end. While I can understand him wanting to relive the joy he used to feel he endangered his mission and now we're all stuck with those girls. This irritated me more than the previous issues, so much eye rolling fan service and too many annoying characters. I was bothered by this so much I'm taking a break from this trade to read something more enjoyable.


  1. On a "lets exploit out protagonist good looks" angle, is interesting to contrast Dick's treatment here with Jason's on RHATO's issue 6.

    Jason spent more of the issue naked giving the reader the chance to ogle his physique but at no point it feels forced or disrespectful. Seeley and King really need to learn some subtlety.

  2. I honestly did think about comparing it. More often than not Jason's state of undress is plot related or humorous.

    Sure he has some good beefcake shots but it feels more respectful. It's tasteful and doesn't make you feel dirty afterward. They have zero subtlety, if this was animated I'd expect a sleazy sax to play.