Friday, October 2, 2015

Updated Reading List for December

I pre-ordered some of Robin War so I'm now committed to getting it although I'll have to get some of the issues in my LCS. It hit me that this is the biggest haul I've gotten on my pull list in awhile.

What I'm Getting:
  • Robin War #1: I think King is writing this one? I know the Court of Owls is involved, so are the WAR crew and somehow that brings the bat kids in.
  • Grayson #15: I don't know if I'll ever like the spy thing still this deals with the connect he has to the Court. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of that either. It doesn't sound like Dick will be in much of this based on the solicits. Maybe it's just the COO?
  • Titans Hunt #3: Another mystery for the moment.
  • Red Hood/Arsenal #7: I normally get this anyway. This is a tie in and might have Roy and Jason fighting over the Robin situation. Don't fight guys.
  • Batman/Superman #27: I thought it might have Jason helping Superman but it might just be a straight up fight. I really want some good interaction between them.
  • Detective Comics #47: This is the book starring Bullock right? That likely means it'll focus on Robo-Gordon too. If that's the case I probably won't like this one. I like Bullock though.
  • We Are Robin #7: Jason and Tim are forced to fight by the Court of Owls. I'm dreading this. Come to think of it Jason might be fighting a lot of good guys this month.
  • Robin Son of Batman #7: I liked the writing so far so hopefully it handles other Robins well. This takes place after the fight which means we'll likely see the aftermath here.
  • Back to the Future #3: One more to go after this.

On Hold:
  • Gotham Academy: I'm buying the main bulk of Robin War and three other books. I had to cut something out. I wasn't going to get Teen Titans and figured I'd get this at a later date.

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